The IMF Goes to War in Ukraine

It’s essential to identify the conditions attached to this Mafia-style “loan.” Nothing remotely similar to reviving the Ukrainian economy is in play. The scheme is inextricably linked to the IMF’s notorious, one-size-fits-all “structural adjustment” policy, known to hundreds of millions from Latin America and Southeast Asia to Southern Europe. The[…]

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China set to overtake US as top economy: report

A new study (1) suggests China’s economy has grown faster than previously thought, leading some analysts to predict that China could surpass the United States as the world’s biggest economy by the end of the year. The figures were released Wednesday in a report by the International Comparison Program, which[…]

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Quantitative easing to continue indefinitely?

“Asset prices are falling because they were overpriced to begin with—overpriced for the better part of two decades, thanks to the Fed’s easy money policies. When the bubble in asset prices finally popped, not only did asset prices fall, they also dragged down the rest of the economy—this is more[…]

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WANTED: U.S. workers for crippled Japan nuke plant

A U.S. recruiter is hiring nuclear power workers in the United States to help Japan gain control of the stricken Fukushima Daiichi plant, which has been spewing radiation. “About two weeks ago we told our managers to put together a wish list of anyone interested in going to Japan,” said[…]

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US Treasuries not valued amid 500% debt GDP: Gross, Buffett

“Bill Gross, who runs the world’s biggest bond fund at Pacific Investment Management Co., said Treasuries “have little value” because of the growing U.S. debt burden. The comment echoes Warren Buffett, the billionaire investor who recommended avoiding long-term fixed-income bets in U.S. dollars because the currency’s purchasing power will drop.”[…]

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SHOCK: Japan’s “apocalypse” meltdown says EU Commissioner

Europe’s energy commissioner Guenther Oettinger dubbed the nuclear disaster an “apocalypse”, saying Tokyo had almost lost control of events at the Fukushima power plant. Explosions and a fire at Japan’s quake-hit nuclear plant have unleashed dangerous levels of radiation, sparking a collapse on the stock market and panic-buying in supermarkets.[…]

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North American cities seen breaking unions amid financial woes

“What is happening in Wisconsin clearly shows a disconnection with reality in an economy that has forced many private-sector workers into lower wages and reduced benefits, if they were lucky enough to keep their jobs at all. The outcome of this battle could impact other states where cuts are looming,[…]

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Reasons why Brazil’s economy is booming

“Brazil certainly has a lot of potential, and has started to capitalize on it. We believe they’re in a great position to become a solid performer: fantastic natural resources, very advanced technologically, lots of know-how in the industry and a great pool of human resources (scientists and engineers in particular).”[…]

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