Anti-credentialism in government of Ontario

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“My friend tried to enroll in the Ontario Government’s “Second Career” program. Ridiculous – all this program did was to create some well paid jobs for a few government workers administering it, and a lot of profit for the private companies contracted out for the program.”

She was told to go to one private assessment firm to fill out paperwork and an interview, then another one to do the exact same thing, then ANOTHER one for pretty much the same thing, then some inane class for retards on resume writing, then ANOTHER interview and assessment doing the same thing….and on and on.

Each step of the way was some private “career assessment” company the government contracted out to who really didn’t do much. Each of these places, I later learned, have big-money contracts with the government (our tax money) and basically do nothing. The money was SUPPOSED to be for paying for education of workers, instead the government workers and private contractors have stolen all of it for themselves.

But really, I never trust the Ontario government when it speaks about education, and here’s why: There exists a policy that they are terrified leaks out to the public, and that policy is called “anti credentialism” in its own hiring practices. What does this mean? It means that the Ontario government BANS the requirement or consideration of any education in its own hiring of staff.

NO university degrees. NO college diplomas. NO high school. Now how serious can a government be about educating anyone when it itself does not recognize education? Maybe that’s why this province is run the way it is! And there are strong forces within the government that have benefited from it and they will fight tooth and nail to keep education out of the Ontario Public Service.

The Ontario Government has no respect for education whatsoever, much less any interest in retraining people.


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  1. Hi Jack,

    I just read your article on Anti-credentialism in government of Ontario.
    Great article than you,

    I would like to share my story with you, called my “Second Career” experience.

    In Feb 2010 I scheduled an appointment with one of these contractors to review if I qualified for Second Career training.

    Within two minutes of the meeting I was given 13 points, (to qualify you need at least 16). This evaluation was done in a matter of minutes without proper knowledge of my work experience NOC was not presented or reviewed at the meeting, The interviewer/person in my opinion was not qualified to be working for the government, she even became hostile when I questioned her rating process.

    I was smart enough to request copies of all the paper work, which she fought me on but agreed. When I asked her for the governments NOC list she said I could find it on the Governments web-site, my understanding was they needed to review this in details to process the application.

    I was so up-set and frustrated that I came straight home and called Second Career 1-800 number. I told them what had happened and they gave me the contractor’s managers name and phone number and told me to follow-up with her.

    The manager told me I had been evaluated correctly and she would not review my application, however I could submit the application as is with a letter of disagreement.

    I then called Second Career again to tell them I got no where, they then gave me the name and phone number for the Coordinator who represents my area at the Ministry of Colleges and University to review my concern.

    So I called the Coordinator for my area who told me just to send in the application in as is with a letter of disagreement, even though I had told her repeatedly I was not presented the NOC list.

    At this point I gave up and decided not to pursue this any further, what was the point if the Ministry of College and Universities didn’t action contractors complaints when notified.

    This is where the story get’s better:

    I’m still looking for work and use the employment centers a couple times a week, last week while I was at the center I was told they will be closing as of July 2010. I was presented with the new employment centers location and was invited to go visit.

    Hmmm, so I decided to go and see (what would happen if I asked to be evaluated for Second Career) which I did.

    Guess What, I not only qualified but scored a whopping 19 points.
    Nothing had changed my information was the same I presented to the first contractor. The difference between the first contractor and the second contractor was the second contractor review NOC in detail not off the top of her head.

    I have both copies .. one with a score of 13 and the new one with a score of 19. !
    Again nothing changed, I presented the exact information to both people.

    Makes me sick to think of my experiences with the first contractor and the Ministry did noting to help or review their process.

    I wonder how many people have gone through this, I should have did more to stop that contractor, but I didn’t have the support of the Ministry.

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