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North Korean acts of war threatens global recovery

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“We have always tolerated North Korea’s brutality, time and again,” Mr. Lee said. “But now things are different. North Korea will pay a price corresponding to its provocative acts. Trade and exchanges between South and North Korea will be suspended.” — South Korean President Lee

The the war industry most be salivating for the sight of more business and profits to be done. The banksters who print money out of thin air are ready to print a whole load of more worthless paper to finance more wars and create more government deficits which taxpayers have to pay. Wars are good business after all. The North Korean Dicatator is a sick maniac and the same goes for the war industry, international banksters and wall street gangsters.

In a potential war the hermit kingdom, Russia and more countries are important, and China is key to any effort against North Korea. Other wise it will just be seen as the West against North Korea and they will use that to their advantage in a war of words.

About the only thing sanctions would do would be a ban on flights from NK as a start and then if necessary a ban on shipping. Indeed, a shipping ban would be hard and dangerous. The west can’t do it alone they need China for sure. The strange thing is that North Korea is largely a proxy state for China in its saber rattling with the West.

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Bad boy Kim

Both Pakistan and North Korea are examples of what may be termed “proxy” nuclear weapons powers. That is, they are countries that have deliberately been provided with nuclear devices and missiles systems by an advanced country, the People’s Republic of China (through agencies directly or otherwise linked to it). It is no accident that Pyongyang acts as a geopolitical pressure point on Japan, as Pakistan does on India. Japan and India, after all, are Beijing’s two primary rivals in Asia. As nuclear capable, missile producing states, North Korea and Pakistan–the two proxies–demand the attention of Japan and India, thus lowering the attention that they can pay to China, the source of the proxies’ technology.

S. Korean President Halts Trade with North

South Korea’s president has held a nationwide address to announce stern measures against North Korea. South Korea and the United States say Pyongyang is responsible for sinking a South Korean navy ship.

President Lee Myung-bak on Monday said North Korean must pay for sinking one of South Korea’s navy ships.

Mr. Lee says inter-Korean exchanges and trade are being halted. In addition, North Korean vessels will no longer be allowed to sail through South Korean waters.

Forty-six South Korean sailors died in March when an explosion ripped their patrol ship in half. A multinational team concluded a North Korean submarine fired a torpedo at it, a finding Pyongyang calls a “fabrication.”

President Lee says the military will defend South Korea if the North encroaches on its territory. However, he emphasizes the South does not seek armed conflict.

President Lee says minimal humanitarian aid to the impoverished North will continue.

In Beijing, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton urged China to work with Washington in responding to the sinking of the South Korean ship. Source: Voice of America News

If China chooses to back the North with its aggression, then it is time to place sanctions on China regarding its exports. The Western countries can evoke a lot of damage on China by reducing its ability to control the world’s economy. Indeed, if China’s economy was to suddenly stop growing and start shrinking, it would be catastrophic for that Regime.

Behind the headlines is the fact that North Korea is among some of the few nations in the world which do not have international bankers controlling its economy — something the bankers have been trying to do for more than 50 years without success. Other Arabian countries are also on that list for they have been skirting Western demands to adopt international banking reforms and the acceptance of international laws and treaties.

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Contrary to what the media and government reports, North Korea probably did not sink the South Korea ship last month. It is the opinion of many military experts that it was the United States that sunk it to start more instability in the world. This is what they do, just like some of the car bombs in Afghanistan and Iraq that have killed civillians that were planted by the U.S. to keep the war going and in hopes to start a massive civil war in both countries. To blame N. Korea is stupidity, to look into it with an open mind one will see and find evidence that the torpedo which sunk the ship came from and American sub.

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Amidst the cacophony of condemnation from all sides following North Korea’s second nuclear bomb test [in 2009 and the recent ship sinking in 2010], there has been no mention whatsoever of how the secretive Stalinist state got its weapons in the first place – they were paid for by the U.S. government.
Both the Clinton and Bush administrations played a key role in helping Kim Jong-Il develop North Korea’s nuclear prowess from the mid 1990’s onwards.

The hypocrisy being spewed forth from all sides in reaction to today’s [In 2009] news that North Korea tested an underground nuclear device equivalent to 10 times the power of their first test in October 2006 is akin to when the U.S. cited Iraq’s possession of chemical and biological weapons as a reason to invade in 2003, having first checked the receipt of course, since it was Donald Rumsfeld who brokered the deal to supply Saddam with those weapons in the first place.

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