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Spain metro strike reflects austerity, 25 pc unemployment

madrid metro strike 2010 june

Madrid mayor Alberto Ruiz Gallardon criticised unions for not living up to a binding agreement to provide at least 50 per cent service. “They do not have the right to do what they are doing to all the people of Madrid. I think we are in an emergency situation now in Madrid,” he told Cadena Ser radio, Wednesday morning.

A strike by Metro workers snarled traffic for the third day in Madrid on Wednesday and unions said the protest against austerity measures aimed at getting Spain’s deficit under control could become indefinite.

Workers were due to vote later in the morning on extending the three-day stoppage, that has affected 2 million commuters and had far more impact than a nationwide civil servants’ strike called earlier this month.

Unions are angry over public sector pay cuts designed to help cut Spain’s budget deficit, which ballooned to 11.2 percent last year from a pre-crisis surplus.

Spain’s Socialist government aims to save 15 billion euros ($18.3 billion) by, amongst other moves, slashing civil servants’ pay by an average of 5 percent.

Metro workers say wage cuts decreed by central government do not apply to public company workers, such as transport, and said Madrid’s conservative local government was reneging on a collective contract it signed last year.

The third paragraph sums it all up: Spain’s Socialist Government. Just like Greece’ Socialist Government and Venezuela’s Socialist/Marxist government. People through out the world need to realize one thing; you cannot continue to expect government to supply all your needs. Wealth is derived from those who produce a product or service that people want and most importantly can afford. If a person has to choose between using their own transportation and a publicly funded and usually overpriced transportation system, they will choose the cheapest way possible.

The union membership needs to do some simple math. What’s the better scenario; a 5% cut in salary or losing your job and the 100% pay cut that comes along with it. Kind of a no-brainer wouldn’t you think? If we are truly a global community, then everyone needs to make a small sacrifice which in turn preserves the community equally as a whole instead if benefiting a chosen few elitists.

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