Fifteen signs America is falling apart; Citizens start arming themselves

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Are we nearing a tipping point as rapacious elites push a heavily armed populace too far?

“A government afraid of its citizens is a Democracy. Citizens afraid of government is tyranny!” — Thomas Jefferson

The british are close to a “ruled” people because of their tolerance. Americans are irritated, as they have less tolerance for government bureaucrats. They are irritated because the government becomes more intrusive into their lives on a daily basis; all levels of government. By the way, cops do not protect people. They show up after the crime to write a report and pick up the pieces.

The reason we own guns is protection against an oppressive government. That is the reason the right to bear arms is written into our constitution. A perfect example is the gentleman in England who found a shotgun in his back yard and turned it in to police and now faces a mandatory five years in prison just for having the shotgun in his hands. This type of oppression can never happen in the United States because the Government rightfully fears what the people would do to them.

15 Signs American Society Is Coming Apart at the Seams

By David DeGraw, Amped Status. Posted November 21, 2009.

Editor’s note: The following is an edited excerpt from the Amped Status report, “The Critical Unraveling of U.S. Society.”

The economic elite have launched an attack on the U.S. public and society is unraveling at an increased rate. You may have missed it in the mainstream news media, but statistical societal indicators are reading red across the board. Let’s look at the top 15 statistics that prove we are under attack.

1) The inequality of wealth in the United States is soaring to an unprecedented level. The U.S. already had the highest inequality of wealth in the industrialized world prior to the financial crisis. Since the crisis, which has hit the middle class and poor much harder than the top 1 percent, the gap between the top 1 percent and the remaining 99 percent of the U.S. population has grown to a record high.

2) As the stock market went over the 10,000 mark and just surged to a 13-month high, the three big banks that took taxpayer money and benefited the most from the government bailout have just set a new global economic record by issuing $30 billion in annual bonuses this year, “up 60 percent from last year.” Bloomberg reported: “Goldman Sachs, the most profitable securities firm in Wall Street history, had a record profit in the first nine months of this year and set aside $16.7 billion for compensation expenses.” Goldman Sachs is on pace for the best year in the firm’s history, and it is also benefiting by only paying 1 percent in taxes.

3) The profits of the economic elite are “now underwritten by taxpayers with $23.7 trillion worth of national wealth.”

As the looting is occurring at the top, the U.S. middle class is just beginning to collapse.

4) Workers between the ages of 55 to 60, who have worked for 20 to 29 years, have lost an average of 25 percent off their 401k. During the same time period, the wealth of the 400 richest Americans went up by $30 billion, bringing their total combined wealth to $1.57 trillion.

5) Home foreclosure filings “hit a record high in the third quarter (of 2009)… They were the worst three months of all time… 937,840 homes received a foreclosure letter” in this three-month period; “3.4 million homes are expected to enter foreclosure by year’s end, with some experts estimating that next year will be even worse.”

President Obama has enacted a $75 billion taxpayer funded program that has been a spectacular failure in stemming the foreclosure crisis and has proven to be another massive waste of billions of taxpayer dollars.

6) 25 million people are unemployed or underemployed.

This means we have 25 million people who urgently need to increase their income, and they’re quickly running out of options. The unemployment rate is expected to rise further and remain high for several years. “The president’s chief economic adviser warned that the nation’s unemployment rate could stay ‘unacceptably high’ for years to come.”

You can read more of the 15 points from Alternet.Org

Citizens start arming themselves to protect their homes and families.

Updated: Nov 20, 2009 08:27 PM

NORTH LAS VEGAS, NV – In the last several months gun sales are going up. Store owners say people are arming up to protect themselves.

According to the North Las Vegas Police Department, in just that three months 22 burglaries occurred in a one mile radius from where Officer Nettleton was killed.

Gun sellers say they now have customers coming in daily who’ve never even thought of shooting a gun before and now they want to own one.

“With the increase in crime and the instability outside your door…I can see where people feel more and more necessary to protect themselves because you don’t know how soon law enforcement can come to your assistance,” gun owner, Leonard Cola, says.

You can

Pistols, Tasers, assault rifles sell fast at US show
By Virginie Montet (AFP)

CHANTILLY, Virginia — Recession-stoked fears of rising crime and tougher gun laws under a Democratic government are sending US gun sales sky high, and big crowds at the Chantilly Gun Show this weekend proved it once again.

“Do you see the line all around the building and in the back,” asked Annette Elliott, co-organizer of one of the top gun shows in Virginia, a conservative state with rather liberal gun laws.

Several hundred people thronged the gun show in the Washington suburb of Chantilly, where some 260 retailers have set up stalls hung with ready-to-fire Smith and Wessons, Glocks, Walthers, Colts and Berettas.

“We’ve had a huge increase in sales since last October,” 2008 just before President Barack Obama was elected. “Well over 200 percent. It’s coming back,” said Jerry Cochran, owner of his eponymous major gun retailing firm in the state.

He hopes to sell 500 weapons at the gun show this weekend.

Elliott expects as many as 12,000 people will turn up at the three-day gun fair.

In a state where you can wear a loaded weapon on your belt as long as it’s in full sight, or a concealed one with a permit, handguns and semi-automatic assault rifles are openly sold to residents after a customary spot check for criminal records.

A questionnaire must also be filled out asking whether the prospective buyer has been convicted of any crime, is an illegal immigrant or is “subject to a court order restraining you from harassing, stalking… an intimate partner.”

Worries that Obama Democrats will toughen gun ownership laws, an increase in hunting and fears of recession-driven crime have sent gun sales soaring 30 percent in the first three months of the year, according to Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) gun permit statistics.

In September, gun sales rose 12.4 percent, or more than 100,000 new firearms per month. In 2009, gun sales are expected to reach 13.5 million, compared to 12.7 million in the preceding year, FBI monthly estimates said.

“Basically we have a perfect storm in the firearm industry,” said Elliott. “We have the most anti-gun president ever in the United States, Obama. And we have a recession going on right now. During economic crises, you know crime goes up.”

You can read the rest of the story at AFP

6 thoughts on “Fifteen signs America is falling apart; Citizens start arming themselves”

  1. “A government afraid of its citizens is a Democracy. Citizens afraid of government is tyranny!” — Thomas Jefferson ~This is an outright fallacious misrepresentation of Jefferson’s quote!!!

    What Jefferson said is, “When people fear their government there is tyranny; when the government fears their people, there is liberty.”

    The United States of America is a Constitutionally Limited Republic. Not a Democracy! Wake Up America and reclaim Your American Heritage!

    A country cannot be a Constitutionally Limited Republic and a Democracy at the same time. In a Republic, you have natural, God given rights. The natural rights of the minority are protected by the Bill of Rights from the majority “mob rule.” The government serves you. You have no obligation to serve the government. A Republic was established to secure our rights and property and recognized the people as the sovereigns. A republic is rule by law.

    A Democracy (Canada) is a government of the masses. There is no need for a Bill of Rights or Constitution because the masses on a whim can change the legislation based on how it’s “feeling” at the moment. . A Democracy is a dictatorship of the majority. Instead of natural rights, you have civil rights bestowed upon you as a “priviledge” granted by the majority. The majority at any time based on how it is feeling at the moment can decide in a 51%-49% vote in favor of taking away your unalienable rights. In today’s American “Democracy” your individual sovereignty has been replaced by the sovereignty of the whole body of citizens. The government has the power to rule you and your fate. You serve the government and have a duty to obey. The government has been given the authority to confiscate your car, house, and any other proerty you have worked hard to gain. They accomplish this in any number of whimisical laws voted in by the majority mob.

    The American “Democracy” manufactures the public “mob” consent by continually contriving the problem, reaction, solution paradigm. This method has been a successful tool by which governments the world over implement laws and policies.

    Liberty and Democracy cannot co-exist. Liberty finds its roots in the individual. Democracy finds its roots in the collective. Collectivism has taken many forms throughout history:Socialism, Fascism, Nazism, Welfare-Statism, and Communism are its most notable variations.

    “Democracy never lasts long. it soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself.” John Adams

  2. Parachute’s evaluation of Canadian democracy is a bunch of crap. Just like a fascist right wing nutcase to denigrate a society that is working by spewing ideological bullshit.

  3. The United States was established as a Constitutional Limited Republic. Canada was established as a Democracy. Canada was cited as an example of a Democracy. That was the extent of my “evaluation of Canadian democracy,” that it was just one. My comments were elicited because of the misrepresentation of Jefferson’s quote. The word “democracy” used in place of “liberty.”

    Wiki’s definition of Canada’s government is:Canada is a constitutional monarchy (King/Queen as head of state), a parliamentary democracy (parliament makes law; and Canada is a democracy) as well as being a federation (provinces have powers to rule over themselves to an extent). That is different than in the U.S. Every state in the U.S. was established as its own Republic. Every state has its own flag and Constitution.

    Unfortunately it has become annoyingly commonplace for Republics to be referred to as Democracies, whether they are the United States, or the Republic of Florida, without regard to the meaning of the word or the implications it brings with it. That was the gist of my first post pointing out what the founders of the United States were well aware of. One of the main fears at the Constitutional Convention of the United States was that the government they created would be too Democratic. Alexander Hamilton suggested that the United States should be a restricted monarchy, because it was quite obvious, then and now, that any majority could vote itself anything it wanted. Democracies can be just as tyrannical as the worst dictator (see Socrates’ forced suicide by the Athenian Democracy). The founders were aware that one of the fatal flaws of Democracy is subjectivism. In other words, reason is irrelevant, whatever the majority wants, it gets and regardless of how unprincipled or objectionable it may be. Rights cannot exist in such as system in the long run because they can be voted away on a whim at any time. The United States was created as an experiment in ordered Liberty-The Founders outlined their moral foundation of a free society in the Constitution-The supreme law of the land, the nation’s fundamental principles. The language of the Constitution is illuminated by the principles set forth in the Declaration of Independence, towards that end they set forth a theory of legitimate government.

    The rise in gun sales in America is because Americans are beginning to break free of the matrix, and discover that their government is not operating within the confines of the Constitution.

  4. It is sad to see The U.S. falling apart. It really is being as we have some of the brightest and most creative people in the world as citizens. What a shame and maybe as more people awaken they can save what is left……………

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