North American cities seen breaking unions amid financial woes



“What is happening in Wisconsin clearly shows a disconnection with reality in an economy that has forced many private-sector workers into lower wages and reduced benefits, if they were lucky enough to keep their jobs at all. The outcome of this battle could impact other states where cuts are looming, as well. As this story shows, it could get ugly.” — Jay Evensen (2)

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s security detail is taking “every measure necessary” to ensure his safety, a state official told, as protests over the governor’s budget bill spread and some of the rhetoric being used gets overheated.

Officials in Madison would not go into detail about what precautions are being taken to protect the governor, though his Capitol conference room has been under heavy guard. In the week since 14 Senate Democrats fled Madison to block a vote on Walker’s proposal to cut union benefits and rights, the tone of the debate has taken an inflammatory turn.

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Though many of the protesters and counter-protesters have kept their slogans civil, some have been spotted carrying signs comparing Walker to Hitler. Others have compared him to ousted Egyptian autocrat Hosni Mubarak. One Democratic lawmaker, state Sen. Lena Taylor, has done both. Source: Fox News (1)

Are unions really needed?

Public sector unions need to be understood differently from private sector unions. Government is by its nature a service monopoly. All monopolies as a matter of principle should either be smashed, or regulated into total submission and made subservient to the public good. That is the really progressive thing to do, because that’s how you assure a society that functions reliably for the average citizen, the powerless and disadvantaged.

Hard working men and women in the rank-and-file public service do deserve a grievance mechanism to protect them against exploitation by their employers, i.e., us, the citizens, but there is nothing in the least progressive about intentionally empowering any group to have a hammerlock on important societal functions.

Continued imbalances where public sector unions have wages and benefits worth 25-50% more than the comparable private sector workers is unsustainable. Along with jobs for life and rising deficits at all levels of governments, there needs to be a reality check on the public sector unions. One only has to look to Greece to see what happens when you continue to feed the public sector unions while stifling the private sector workers who have to support these lavish wages and benefits.

Canadian cities curtailing union activity

Toronto’s unions are a case in point, the electorate voted overwhelmingly for Rob Ford to take on these unions. After 8 years of union pandering to union workers by Miller and Co, most of whom don’t even live in Toronto or pay a dime of property tax, there is clear mandate and appetite for CUPE 416 and the ATU to get a big reality check. No more jobs for life and no more entitlements for the sake of entitlements. In other cities like Windsor, near Detroit, there has been massive privatization of public services including garbage collection, child care, and others.

Do we really want to be the Next Greece?

There is no comparison between the revolutions in the middle east and the Union strikes in Wisconsin. Men, women, and children are being slaughtered in countries overseas fighting for freedom and a representative government.

In Wisconsin, fat happy public employees and unions are subverting the democratic process in an attempt to blackmail the taxpayers into servitude in order to maintain their wages and benefits. They are being assisted in this perverse process on a Federal, National level.

What a stark sad difference.

The Wisconsin constitution requires a balanced budget. This is a win win for the Governor. The neo Marxist Union can either accept the cuts or 10 to 12 thousand public employees will be laid off by the end of the year.


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3 thoughts on “North American cities seen breaking unions amid financial woes”

  1. You comments are incorrect as I understand what the issue is. They have already said they understand the need to take the budget reductions and reductions in personal compensation and had agreed to it. You make them seem like they are being greedy and unreasonable about that. Wrong!The point that they have agreed to the budget reductions has been made by every article I have read or tv discussion about it – all except the point made here. They are not willing to negotiate about giving up their right to collective bargin, ie., the have their union. That is what the fight is about.

  2. I’m growing very weary of hearing these public sector employees moan and groan about their jobs or their pensions. They’re not living in the real world. Public sector employees are funded by the public, ie us! That’s why taxes go up because they gotta pay for those big pensions.

    I am one of those private sector employees who lost her job several years ago. I’ve had to work minimum wage and work odd jobs to put food on the table. No one felt sorry for me.

    No unions for the poor working private sector slob who’s ran out of unemployment benefits, health insurance and who’s exhausted their savings and retirement account. We don’t have a voice and politicians don’t care about us. We don’t have the money to put into their campaign coffers.

    These public sector employees can go to hell. Walk a day in my shoes and tell me how hard your life is public sector goons.

    Give me a break. Grow up public sector parasites.

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