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Why Barrack Obama is more dangerous than Wikileaks

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“The president, unlike the long line of his predecessors since Franklin Roosevelt, simply does not put national security at the centre of his political priorities. Thus, Europeans who welcomed Obama to the Oval Office should reflect on his Warren Harding-like interest in foreign policy.” — M. Bolton, former US Ambassador to the UN.

Mr. Bolton’s writing further states that: WikiLeaks has yet again flooded the internet with thousands of classified American documents, this time state department cables. More troubling than WikiLeaks’ latest revelation of US secrets, however, is the Obama administration’s weak, wrong-headed and erratic response. Unfortunately, the administration has acted consistently with its demonstrated unwillingness to assert and defend US interests across a wide range of threats, such as Iran and North Korea, which, ironically, the leaked cables amply document. Sourced below.

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Have you noticed that most of the people who want Assange killed or imprisoned for life don’t even mention the bogus rape charges that are being used to hold him? That’s obviously because even they know that fake charges are being used to try to shut him up. Now, why do you suppose that would be the case? Could it be because they have nothing legitimate to charge him with? Any charges would have to be leveled against the people who leaked the information. I’ve seen zero credible evidence that Assange has broken any law, and any law they come up with will be at odds with the principle of free speech. They’ve got nothing but hysterical ranting and name-calling. To have the gall to trot out the word “terrorist” is to render the word completely meaningless. I know of no species more hostile to truth than the human race.

So our masters are not even going to pretend we have rights anymore. Mr Assange has not been charged with a crime, do we understand that? He has NOT been charged with anything, and he is sitting in jail. He is wanted for questioning for an obscure Swedish crime ‘sex without a condom’, an Interpol red notice, sitting in jail, no charges, for sex without a condom. What a joke.–women-involved-tell-different-story.html

The hidden joke is it doesn’t matter. That people at the top are so naive in their bubbles that they actually think if Assange is taken out of the picture the whole fiasco will end, it will not, it will get worse. Get ready for every document they have anonymously received ever to get released en masse. They will martyr Assange and in the process create more PVT Mannings and more leak web sites who will then spill all their dirty little secrets for all to see.

“It is not WikiLeaks that ultimately imperils our national security, but the failing Obama administration, which ignores the nature and extent of threats we face, and which is too often unwilling to act to thwart them. While our economic difficulties have dominated the national debate for two years, national security will inevitably again come to the fore, as Americans see the full extent of the devastation left by Obama’s policies. That shift cannot come too soon.”

— Michael Bolton

Also see in the news today hackers have taken down the Swiss bank who closed Assanges account and are going after every company that cows to government pressure: Paypal, Amazon and now Visa and Mastercard. It seems we are now looking at an all out cyber war. Grab your popcorn folks the shows just getting started

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We can jump up and down and disagree with each other, but the fact remains, we are witnessing fascism on a global scale, it is the prelude of is what to come, one government and one ruler and one religion, and you can pretty much guess who is in the drivers seat. Just have to listen to the news, who is screaming the loudest about this.

Our rights as individuals are near to non existent, and if you have the money and power you can get away with murder, as a famous football player once did (won’t mention any names). The US is currently in the process of trying to get North Korea to start a war, by doing this, they will get China involved, and for the record, the U.S owes China trillions of dollars that they will never be able to pay back. If a war does happen, who will pay attention to Wikileaks anymore?


WikiLeaks cables: Barack Obama is a bigger danger. WikiLeaks harms the US. But the president’s refusal to acknowledge the threats we face is a bigger danger

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