Your life according to government

your life according to govt

your life according to govt

“This is what an economically illiterate society gets you. Everyone knows that these debts can never and will never be paid back. They will either be defaulted on or inflated away with more paper money magic to enrich the banksters and impoverish everyone else. Our entire system is based on stealing from our grandchildren and telling them we owe it to ourselves. “

The real problem is hidden. It isn’t talked about. You’ll never hear about it from the mainstream media or your governments. And if that isn’t enough, when people first hear about it they think its a conspiracy theory. In the mainstream media all you ever hear is, the economy is up, then down, then up, then down again, business as usual. All is as it should be.

Well people its not. I know you won’t believe this we (Canadians) are paying $160 million a day(!), towards compounded interest, on the creation and borrowing of our money from private corporations with private share-holders. The Canadian government does not create our money. It borrows it at compounded interest from private banks. And its almost the same situation in the U.S., the Federal Reserve is a private corporation whose shareholder’s identities are protected by law. No one can find out who these people are.

Think about what $160 million a day would translate into with respect to reducing your taxes? The money is just going into private hands. Why should it be not used to alleviate your tax burden? $160 million a day works out to be somewhere around 55.4 billion a year. That’s over $1,600 per year for every man, woman and child in Canada!

Thinks about this. The GST, HST, SPP, WAR, Fiat money/usury, Cap and Trade are all supported by all of our political parties. It doesn’t matter who you vote for.

As long as we continue to deny that our entire political system has been hi-jacked, we will remain economic slaves to these finacial elite. A new-born baby 24 hrs old already owes them $5. That’s just plain sick people.

The system is called usury. Usury on Fiat money. There are tons of links you can read/view that tell you about it. Its criminal. And its being done to us by our own governments and our media is silent about it.

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  1. Sorry but these conspiracy video’s remind me of Michael Moore stuff. I just don’t buy it.
    Is there people in the private sector who have power that transcends borders, I’m sure there is but the theory that the past 9 Presidents were puppets is laden with paranoia. In 6 years too many things would have to happen at a very fast pace to see your nightmare come true. As far as preparing for it goes, I’m a Christian so it doesn’t concern me all that much even if you are right. Read Matthew 24, the signs are lining up but many things still have to occur. I don’t worry about such things because I’m on God’s good side and He promises to take care of me. He is who you should be seeking after not making a film that attempts to scare people.

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