250 National Guardsmen protect Texas Mexico border clash

mexican drug war guerillas stand

mexican drug war guerillas stand

Three of Mexico’s border cities have been rocked by riots. Hundreds of protesters taking to the streets demand the Mexican army leave their towns.

Texas will receive 250 of the 1,200 troops being deployed to the border. The guardsmen are being trained for duty along the U.S. – Mexico border in Texas.

Another 224 troops will head to California, 524 to Arizona, 72 to New Mexico, and a national liaison office will draw another 130. Only about 20 percent of the deployed troops will come to Texas, which has 64 percent of the U.S.-Mexico border. Source

The following is a modification of Steve In The Swamp‘s writeup about these events: Notice how the Texas legislator was censored multiple times at the end. Apparently, there are certain things the media elite does not want us to think about. The media wants to report the story for sensationalism, but apparently doesn’t want us to come to the conclusion that Civil War is a an actual possibility in Mexico.

You can bet your bottom dollar that the Texas legislator was trying to mention how Calderon’s planning is backfiring, and may ironically throw Mexico into a Civil War. But, the Big Media Man does not want us to think deeply about Mexico’s pre-Civil War. That’s for sure!

Let’s be honest here, this will do nothing to solve the problem. There’s really nothing that the United States can do right now that will curb the problems at the Mexican border. The problem is so big, that almost any ‘solution’ that Obama can come up with will just be a bandage fix. Hell, even restricting Mexican immigration will do nothing, as people will always find a way to make it across illegally.

It’s interesting that at the same time Obama is speaking out against Arizonas’ illegal immigration laws he’s sending troops to Arizonas’ border with Mexico. This is classic political doubletalk. Obama clearly and rightly believes illegal Mexican immigrants flooding over the border is out of control and has to be stopped so he is sending in troops. At the same time he’s making these grandios speaches sucking up to the liberal establishment in favour of illegal immigration who could care less who comes to the USA and how. It’s time Obama took a clear stand on this issue and so we all understand his real position.

One thought on “250 National Guardsmen protect Texas Mexico border clash”

  1. Most Americans have never heard of the leftist End Game, if they did they would understand where Obama intends to take America.

    Historically leftists have believed Socialism/Marxism can only be achieved through deceit, lies and sacrificing anyone to advance their cause. Obama has already sacrificed the trust of Americans, repeatedly lied about most everything since he took office, and in the run up to the White House duped middle of the road Democrats to elect him President. Now Obama is ready to sacrifice the entire Democratic Party next election, giving amnesty to 12 million illegal immigrants.

    Middle of the road Democrats just can’t understand why Obama will throw them under the bus in November if he can get amnesty first for 12 million illegal immigrants. Obama wants to insure that when he leaves office, 12 million illegal immigrants can stay in the U.S., and the border is still open so 12 million more illegal immigrants can enter America; that will insure Obama’s leftist constituency can find back to back—several million foreign born residents to push for a Socialist U.S. Government. Do Americans actually think anything they say in protest will discourage Mexican illegal immigrants moving to their state? Mexican illegal immigrants come from a country where force is commonplace. But illegal immigrants do understand getting arrested by police and that is why they have to stop Arizona’s new anti-immigration law. Arizona’s new law threatens the leftist agenda that includes overburdening financially U.S. Government, local and state infrastructures to cause economic chaos.

    Leftists/Marxists historically move on democracies to take power when things are in chaos. Obama is now in position to cause that chaos. But unexpectedly, to the dismay of the left, Americans in state after state are standing up to support Arizona. If the Arizona law passes in enough states, and amnesty does not pass, the leftists will have lost a strong weapon to destroy America.

    Consequently leftists have become Desperate and are now in the process of trying to consolidate 170 liberal and civil rights groups into a coalition to match the Tea Party’s political energy and influence—this should be taken seriously. The first question: “Who are the players behind this new liberal coalition?” Historically in America leftists have displayed a victim mentality, giving up, not voting after the political tide turned against them as it has now. Obama as a Presidential candidate managed to motivate and hold leftist factions together; and gained the support of ethic groups that prior were at odds. However since the election Obama’s policies have fractured the left, Obama has lost most Independents. So who is going to organize and motivate the new coalition of 170 liberal and civil rights groups? In other countries, to affect the outcome of elections, extreme leftists have formed liberal and human rights coalitions that covertly were coordinated by Communists and labor unions.

    Typically when communists are concerned they will lose an election(s), they cause chaos including violent protests to obscure important issues and disseminate false information to confuse voters to vote for leftist candidates. In America should Communists be identified, playing an integral role in the new 170 liberal/civil rights groups’ coalition, Patriots should vehemently expose early the communists and their associations. Millions of younger Americans thanks to the educational system, don’t comprehend that communism calls for the overthrow of democratic governments as the United States and abolishing their Constitution.

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