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Earthquake hits Haiti; economy devastated

haiti earthquake

“There must be thousands of people dead.”

The West (this includes Canada & at least the USA) helped overthrow Haiti’s democratically elected government because their President wanted to actually help the people get out of poverty. Then many Western nations went along with the US in destroying the entire economy by flooding Haiti with American subsidized food aid and products. Now that another catastrophe has struck this poverty-ridden nation, how do Western nations like Canada propose to help Haiti further? Would it be more “foreign aid”?

Indeed, it is irresponsible to spend money we don’t have. If you want to help you should have saved up money for these kind of “unexpected” events so now you can send in your own money, not tax payer tax money. Likewise, the US as a country are bankrupt (US is more than 12 trillion in debt).

The truism goes that the “lack of planning on your part [or Haiti’s] does not constitute an emergency on mine.” Where will all the “do-gooders” get the money? Our government will have to print it and this is a form of theft from the savings of all who hold US dollars. Money should be saved to make an emergency fund for our own disasters because Haiti probably won’t do much for the US economy. Only after former rich nations like the US’ citizens are allowed to make money can they then afford to donate to palces like Haiti after severe tragedies occur.

Haiti Remembered
By Craig Crawford | January 13, 2010

The tragic earthquake in Haiti recalls memories of my journey there long ago covering another sort of earthquake, a revolution — and my hopes that this precious nation could some day find its way …

Craig Crawford
The Orlando Sentinel (Feb. 23, 1986)

Port-au-Prince __ You see Haiti in the wrinkled faces of market women whose real ages are nearly always half what you expect. Huddled around them are barefoot children who ask for your money.

These women tell tales of loved ones dead, their diseased bodies tossed into common grave pits for the poor. Or they talk of those who drowned in futile efforts to reach the United States.

Every morning the women walk to the foul-smelling markets and earn perhaps a dollar or two a day selling lettuce, candy, beer, whatever it takes. On a good day they can afford to pay 90 cents a pound for the rice that keeps their children from starving to death.

You can read more about this story at CQ Politics

Quake Slams Haiti; Thousands Feared Dead

A Magnitude 7.0 Earthquake and a Series of Aftershocks Hit Just 10 Miles From Capital
Jan. 12, 2010

A major earthquake struck just off the coast of Haiti late this afternoon, reportedly causing extensive damage in the capital of Port-au-Prince, and one aid worker said, “There must be thousands of people dead.”

The quake had a magnitude of 7.0 according to the U.S. Geological Survey, and was centered just 10 miles from Port-au-Prince.

The center was also relatively shallow, less than 10 miles below ground, raising the risk of damage.

Karel Zelenka, a Catholic Relief Services representative in Port-au-Prince, told U.S. colleagues before phone service failed that “there must be thousands of people dead,” a spokeswoman for the aid group told The Associated Press.

You can read more about this breaking story at ABC News

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