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Reasons why Brazil’s economy is booming

city of rio

“Brazil certainly has a lot of potential, and has started to capitalize on it. We believe they’re in a great position to become a solid performer: fantastic natural resources, very advanced technologically, lots of know-how in the industry and a great pool of human resources (scientists and engineers in particular).”

Indeed, Brazil’s GDP has already surpassed Canada’s. Brazil’s annual GDP growth rate also surpasses Canada’s. Will Brazil firmly entrenches in the world’s top ten highest GDPs while Canada drops to frimly entrenches in the world’s 11th – 20th highest GDPs?

However, Brazil also has high risks. Corruption, despite what the article says, is sky high. Abject poverty is still a common sight. Inequality between states (very poor north and west in particular. High inflation (10% Central Bank key rate a good thing? What are people smoking?). Crime is a huge problem in major cities like Sao Paulo. And never count out the politicians: Brazil is far from having first class Founding Fathers. They have screwed up in the past and might do it again. The best thing Lula did for Brazil was to stay out of the way of the economy, take advantage of the commodity boom, and keep the extreme left of his party at bay, while still empowering the moderate left to implement policies. Will his successors do the same, or will they fall again for populism? Will the dreams of superpower status (currently running amok in some Brazilian circles) go to their heads?


Never underestimate Brazil’s potential, but don’t forget about corruption either. It could derail a nice path to development.

Let’s not forget that Brazil’s President is a former Union President, heads the center-left Workers Party, their nationalized oil industry is paying for its development and Lula has said:

“It was the rich who were responsible for the crisis. And we weren’t going to allow them to put the blame on the poor people of the world, as always happens when there is an economic crisis” Source

The world is quickly breaking into two spheres:

– Those who allow corporations, Wall Street and the IMF run their countries into a race to the bottom crony capitalism

– Those who are moving to build alternative economies based on enriching the lives of its people instead of the banksters.

Its clear USA is in the first camp which is why we are seeing ongoing massive cuts in corporate taxes, privatization, de-regulation, ballooning deficits and military bills.

As what was once called the third world is moving forward through progressive governments, we are moving to a third world model of a few rich running our countries into the ground for their personal gain.

Brazil obviously still has problems but its improvements go against all the lies we have been told about what happens when we have governments that place people ahead of profits.

China investing in Brazil

Brasil this year will surpass the US to become the world’s largest single country agricultural exporter.

The quality of Brazilian (& Argentine) agricultural products is far superior to their North American equivalents.

Agribusiness in Brazil is a ‘hi-tech’ endeavor (not your father’s/grandfather’s farming).

Brazil is not a commodities based economy. It is a highly diversified economy with with at least 40 distinct sectors, many of which are world class. 60%+ of all exports comprise industrial wares.

Brazil under-invested in infrastructure from 1982 to 1996 because it had to make rapacious interest payments on debts imposed on it to a criminal class of north Atlantic based global capitalists/banksters.

Today the country is playing catch-up in this area via the PACs program. Remember, it takes at least a decade to build/refurbish infrastructure & Brasil is a continental sized country with a challenging geography.

BTW, Brasil generates 85% (not 15%) of it’s electricity from Hydropower. This for a country whose economy is much larger than Canada’s.

China prefers investment in Brasil NOT because ‘it can to a certain extent dictate terms regarding said investment’, but because Brasil does not interfere in the domestic affairs of other countries (something China has to face with the hypocritical anglo-saxon countries) – we know who these are. The Chinese also find Brazil’s unique culture rather attractive & compelling.

Brazil has a robust rule of law based on a Nepoleonic/Germanic model – something most anglo-saxons don’t understand. A foreigner has to invest the time in learning/understanding the System.

Brazilians are among the most entrepreneurial people in the world. Remember, the country was populated by immigrants from all over the world. Campbell (a Zionist shill) has made some rather clueless & uninformed remarks.

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  1. Meg Meg April 5, 2011

    Since Brazil is doing so well, maybe they can return the 2 billion that Obama gave them to drill for oil back to the American taxpayers.

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