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Donate $5 to get 50 Ebooks

Thanks for visiting your #1 source for news about the coming depression.

Below you will find the premium 50 e-books which we researched thoroughly.

Free Files

This is an amazingly popular and free disaster preparedness ebook that can help you prepare for disasters. This is a HOT download.
disaster prepared

Learn how to get the truth out of anybody you meet by reading their body language and other tell-tale signs. Download “how to get the truth out of anyone”

how to brew your own beer

Learn how to sell your house using 101 tried and tested methods from the pros. Download 101 ways to sell your house

50 ebooks for only 5

Purchase Premium Economic Survival E-Books

Here you can purchase for a very nominal donation ($5) a collection of publicly-available and reseller-enabled books in electronic format to be shared with your friends and family.

These ebooks range from the following categories:
Communication; Farming; Finances; Food; Fuel; Garden Ponds; Gardening; General; Housing; Medicine; and Water processing.

Once you pay the amount we will send you a link within 48 hours where you can download the 215 megabyte file (it may take a while to download it).

All 50 survival E-books for $5 which go to support our operations and other activities conducive with spreading the truth. So far a few other websites have been established.

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