Shock: Wal-Mart Cutting 11,000 Jobs

walmart high cost of low price

walmart high cost of low price

“Sam’s has been the relative laggard, and it has lagged relative to its direct competitors, Costco and the smaller BJ’s (Wholesale Club),” said Craig Johnson, president of retail consultancy Customer Growth Partners.

It would be adviseable to point out that as a corporate model Wal-mart is evil incarnate. For decades they have been spreading across the continent like a disease, leaving a trail of ghost towns in their wake. They move into a small community, undercut the prices in all the local merchants’ stores, the local businesses close because everyone shops at Wal-mart, as a result of this the local unemployment goes through the roof, the local economy plummets, and then Wal-mart pulls up and leaves because no one in the community can afford to shop anymore. End result: ghost town.

This formula was well documented more than a decade ago when they first came to Canada, and is easily verifiable with a minimum of research. It is adviseable for everyone to boycott this chain, regardless of whether you are pro or anti union. Wal-mart cares nothing for the communities in which it establishes itself. Its business model is parasitic, and like all parasites, the only way to deal with it is by starving it.

Wal-Mart cutting 11,200 jobs at Sam’s Club
Amount is about ten percent of the staff at warehouse club retailer

NEW YORK – Wal-Mart Stores Inc. will cut about 11,200 jobs at Sam’s Club warehouses as it turns over the task of in-store product demonstrations to an outside marketing company.

The move is an effort to improve sales at Sam’s Club, which has underperformed the company’s namesake stores in the U.S. and abroad.

The cuts represent about 10 percent of the warehouse club operator’s 110,000 staffers across its 600 stores. That includes 10,000 workers, mostly part-timers, who offer food samples and showcase products to customers. The company also eliminated 1,200 workers who recruit new members.

Employees were told the news at mandatory meetings on Sunday morning.

“In the club channel, demo sampling events are a very important part of the experience,” said Sam’s Club CEO Brian Cornell in a phone interview with The Associated Press. “Shopper Events specializes in this area and they can take our sampling program to the next level.”

Shopper Events, based in Rogers, Ark., currently works with Wal-Mart’s namesake stores on in-store demonstrations. Sam’s Club is looking to the company to improve sampling in areas such as electronics, personal wellness products and food items to entice shoppers to spend more.

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