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Thousands seeking mortgage help line up at Palm Beach


“We’ve been here the whole night,” she said, as rain clouds threatened to soak those in line. “We just don’t want to lose our home.” — Kimberley Miller

Property was for centuries a place to be home (even a second home for immediate & extended family), raise a family, work in, work the land, a place filled with memories, be a legacy, and pass to next generation.

Try to do the above now, with all the bi-laws & tax issues.

Today especially during recent 30 years property has become a speculative commodity that is constantly pushed into society via ads, news, etc for Buy-Sell by all the primary short term beneficiaries RE agents, Insurance Co’s, Lawyers, Politicians, Tax Assessor, tax rules most favourable to Gov’s, and banks via equity-loans, the mortgage(s) (aka Death-Pledge) w/durations 30-50 years, are all beneficiaries.

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Accordingly every tool available is used to get Sales, Purchase, mortgages, etc happening constantly. This makes hyper-values and illusion of wealth & prosperity based upon Debts.

All the while the money is controlled and manipulated by very few as we have been experiencing of late.
Moreover, the banks statistically know that vast many are fiscal slaves to the few.

Thousands seeking mortgage help line up at Palm Beach County Convention Center this morning

Thousands of people are lined up this morning outside the Palm Beach County Convention Center – some arriving by the busload, hoping the Neighborhood Assistance Corp. of America will help them save their homes.

They are here from throughout the country, including Detroit and California.

“I’m here because I have to be,” said P. Reed, who drove all night from South Carolina. “They put me in foreclosure last week.”

The non-profit group opened the doors at 9 a.m. to begin a five-day marathon of around-the-clock loan modifications. The event, which is free, aims to get homeowners cheaper monthly mortgage payments through interest rate reductions, extending the life of the loan and a reduction in loan amount.

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To be first in line, Lizandra Garcet, of West Palm Beach, arrived Thursday morning to set up her beach chairs at the front entrance of the convention center.

But she was too late to take the top spot in the queue. Someone, who came on Wednesday, got that.

Lizandra, 16, is helping her mother, who doesn’t speak fluent English, through the process.

They came on the last day of the event when NACA was in West Palm Beach in February, but it was too late to get help.

This time they wanted to make sure they got in.

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