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Tough Times Leading Unemployed To Switch Fields

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What this article fails to dive into is that service sector positions as are described as the replacement careers are not substitutes for manufacturing as is the case for Jeff Statham. Services just redistribute wealth; they do not create it.


Paul Brent For Canwest News Service

Jeff Statham was hardly surprised when he received a layoff notice two years ago from an auto parts company that supplied General Motors’ Oshawa, Ont. plants. And he didn’t waste much time hoping for a return to his old job, even though he was a second-generation autoworker.

“I’m hoping to get into policing,” he said. Already an auxiliary officer with Durham region police, he doesn’t expect to have much difficultly getting himself into a cruiser. “There are not too many police services that are not hiring right now.”

Cheerful and upbeat, Statham has adjusted well to his job loss and pressing need for a second career. He expected to get laid off eventually and has plenty of company in the southern Ontario auto-making belt. His brother, too, was recently laid off after 18 years at GM Oshawa.

Not everyone adjusts so well to finding they have to pursue a new line of work halfway through their lives, however. “When this happens, I remind people that we have long lives now and the work culture that our parents had no longer exists “¦ We have multiple jobs in our lifetime,” says Marilyn Miller, a Toronto psychologist and career counsellor.


She cites the example of a 40-something computer programmer who was laid off and moved on to marry his love of literature with IT skills and land a job as a librarian. “Library is all about computer systems and he really did have a natural, problem-solving approach to any job he had anyway,” says Miller. “It turned out to be a really good fit.”

A more lucrative career is often a motivator for people who go back to school for job retraining and skills upgrades. For others who suddenly find themselves without a job and bleak employment prospects, the motivation may be simple survival.

Figures compiled by Statistics Canada show there is a payoff to parking yourself in a classroom.

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Want to know how to switch careers without starting over?

So, the daily drudge just ain’t working for you any more: the long commute to work; mountains of pointless work on your desk; annoying co-workers that spew useless, distracting drivel when you try to concentrate; employee of the month-clubs where only suck-ups and ass-kissers get bonuses; a clue-less boss that makes Michael Scott look like a hero; and of course, perhaps, a meager salary.

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