Private military contractors taking over Detroit

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Just a note to readers: the story below is very real and heavily documented. Just look at the comments with the news paper articles about privatization of city services.

In an eerily familiar situation, Detroit looks like it has come out of a science fiction movie of the likes of Robocop 2 with its urban blight, joblessness, crime, and outright destruction of what was once the “arsenal of democracy.”

Predictive programming is a subtle form of psychological conditioning provided by the media to acquaint the public with planned societal changes to be implemented. If and when these changes are put through, the public will already be familiarized with them and will accept them as ‘natural progressions’, as Alan Watt(*) calls it; thus lessening any possible public resistance and commotion. Predictive programming therefore may be considered as a veiled form of preemptive mass manipulation or mind control, courtesy of our puppet masters.

Detroit: The Post-Apocalyptic Future of American Cities?
by Al Martin

(7-6-09) Here’s a glimpse of a Turn Key Approach to Urban Wasteland Management ™. Last week I had a chance to talk to a friend who just got back from Detroit and boy did he get an eyeful of America’s Future. After listening to him describe Detroit , it’s obvious that it has all fallen apart. First of all, there’s very little civil authority or regular civil government remaining and in operation. Almost everything has been turned over to these so-called Private Management Companies. And this is how it’s being done. They block out areas, in which 80% or more of the houses have been foreclosed on, which happens to be almost the entire city and county. They have selectively begun to bulldoze the properties which have been foreclosed on. The rest have been boarded up. Then they have turned over management of these 100 block area to private companies which have become defacto governments. They have the literal authority of “governments” and they’re paid a flat fee from the city, county or state to “manage,” as they say, a square block of this urban wasteland.

These Private Management Companies sell themselves as residual property management firms. Most of these companies, as it turns out, are in fact off-shore subsidiaries of Private Military Contractors (PMCs). They provide a catchall service. In other words, they regulate how much electrical power and natural gas flows through these areas. They also act as police force, and they act as management for local civil government.

However this Urban Wasteland Management has been pretty efficient. They want to protect what remaining wealthy areas that still exist, like Bloomfield Hills. These companies come in and effectively build large barbed wire fences, around these mostly abandoned square block areas. Some people are still living in them, by the way, even though most of them are boarded up because they’re no longer bothering to serve process through the entire foreclosure procedure. Oftentimes once the house has been taken back and is ultimately owned by the city or county or some government, they let the people stay there until it’s abandoned and then taken over by squatters. Then they’re given a 72 hour notice to leave, by this private management company – before they come in and bulldoze the house. If you’re not out, that’s it. The bulldozers run. They can bulldoze the place with you in it – with legal impunity.

So here’s the scene. Imagine a 100-square blocks in a city on a hot summer night. Only one out of every twenty streetlamps is working, and even that is low-wattage. These lamps are broken and swinging back and forth in the wind. There’s rusted out steel drums lying here and there. Pyres of burning scrapwood. In the background there are shadowy figures darting in and out of buildings, trying to salvage anything or strip the remaining buildings of anything that’s worth anything.

Since no electricity is being provided to these residents anymore, what this private management cum security company does is they bring in old water trucks. Then these water trucks are placed at certain locations during certain times. The people then totter down with their old plastic buckets and bottles to get their water.

My friend said that what Detroit looks like now, particularly at night, is like a scene that you would see five or ten years after a Third World War. Everything is bulldozed, but it’s not all collected because there’s not much left after everyone has picked it apart. They just bulldoze it, chop it up and leave it in little piles. So imagine these little smoldering piles of rubble with these low wattage street lamps that are broken swinging back and forth.
detroit urban neighborhood
And don’t forget the rusted out water trucks bringing in water for the “survivors,” what else can you call them? They also bring in food from various charitable organizations and distribute free food like Spam and week old bread etc. The residents (survivors) in order to get anything have to register with the private security company and get a card which must be presented to the authorities if you want to get any water etc.

They also provide very rudimentary medical care, which is part of their contract service, to provide Band-Aids if the need arises.

It’s all very quiet and all you hear is the howling of feral dogs in this urban wasteland scene.

Is Detroit a precursor of times to come in other American cities? As foreclosures mount and despite what the Obama Regime and the Financial Media says, the economy isn’t improving, at least not in the respect that foreclosures are still rising.

You can read the full article at Al Martin

8 thoughts on “Private military contractors taking over Detroit”

  1. HERE’S SOME OF THE PROOF! LOOK! Privatization of American cities coming soon! DETROIT is one of the first.

    DPS gives control of lagging schools to private sector
    Marisa Schultz / The Detroit News

    Detroit — Detroit Public Schools Emergency Financial Manager Robert Bobb announced Friday that he has hired four educational management companies to turn around 17 of the worst-performing high schools in the district, a move that marks what leaders say is the largest public school district overhaul of its kind in the nation.

    “We have not been making the grade,” Bobb said at a press conference at Central High School.

    School board members expressed shock and dismay Friday — just one day after they rolled out their own academic plan that they’ve asked Bobb to fund. Some accused Bobb of overstepping his bounds as a financial manager by launching an academic plan that will affect 20,000 students in three-quarters of the district’s high schools without the board’s knowledge.

  2. Detroit mayor Dave Bing looks toward privatizing services
    AP) — Mayor Dave Bing says economically troubled Detroit will focus on core public safety services while outsourcing or privatizing others.

    “I’m going to make the hard choices,” Bing said in an interview published Sunday in the Detroit Free Press.

    Detroit faces a $300 million budget deficit and its revenue could be as much as $80 million short as the city tries to pay bills this fiscal year.

    Bing said he must shrink the city’s 13,000-member work force by 10 percent, lower labor costs and cut services to keep the city afloat financially.

  3. First of all, I live in a suburb of Detroit. Secondly, I spent most of the day last Saturday on my own little inspection tour of a few heavily blighted neighborhood areas of Detroit. I took this tour for a couple of reasons. I wanted to see how far things had decayed since I last worked in the city about five years ago, and I wanted to judge just how bad things could get there in a local, “S.H.T.F.” situation. I saw plenty of decay and burned out houses. On some blocks literally half the houses were either abandoned, burned out or boarded up. I did not see any entire neighborhoods enclosed in fences or barbed wire, but I did see more than a few individual houses that were surrounded by eight foot tall cyclone fences topped with barbed wire. There was evidence in some areas that abandoned houses had recently been bulldozed, but the City has been doing this sporadically for many years. One neighborhood I visited called Delray is literally returning to an urban woodland, as large swaths of trees and shrubs grow up through the remains of collapsed, long-abandoned houses. Detroit has been trying to privatize many services lately, in an effort to stave off bankruptcy/State receivership. The City just announced a couple of days ago that they plan to float another bond issue (to be paid back with future taxes) to meet immediate budget needs and remain fiscally solvent. Having said all of that, I don’t think things are exactly as the author of this article has portrayed. Core city services such as police, fire, lighting, water and sewerage are still being provided by city employees, to the best of my knowledge. There is a lot of talk of privatization though, such as non-teaching positions in schools, i.e. janitorial, food service, etc. Yes, the City is in severe decay, and yes it is teetering on the brink of financial receivership, but to the best of my knowledge the populace has not been herded into concentration camps run by private security firms just yet. Not to say the that couldn’t happen, but that’s not the case as of right now.

  4. Who is capable is continuing the silly pretense of believing that blacks aren’t the primary reason for urban decay,violence and anarchy?
    To those silly whites who say “crime is the result of poverty”,just have a look at the hundreds of thousands of Asian immigrants who arrive here penniless yet their children excel in schools(while learning the language) and become doctors or business owners within a very short time.
    Our wishful fantasy of classifying all the races as equal in their abilities has led us to this terrible situation.
    If we are sincere about helping blacks,we will return to separate educational facilities for them that doesn’t exceed their abilities.
    For the benefit of non-blacks,we should institute a criminal policy that sends the most violent blacks promptly back to Africa.
    (let’s not forget that over 30,000 white women are raped in the US each year)
    As racist and hateful as this sounds,it is the only option to get control of these society destroying policies.

  5. This article full crap and isn’t true . I live in detroit and I have a low income .I don’t live in a rich area but a very poor area . And everything your friend told you is a lie. We have lights gas water and no barbed wire fence . Lies spread by people like you are part responsible for what is happening to my city . Maybe you should come see for yourself or are you scared

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