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When your neighbor loses his job it’s a Recession…

bread line depression

When your neighbor loses his job it’s a Recession and when you lose yours it’s a DEPRESSION.  It’s an old saying it was passed around as an e-mail  joke for some time but it is not funny anymore. Even if you listen to the propaganda coming from our government “The Labor Department said 17 of 372 metropolitan areas surveyed suffered unemployment rates of at least 15% last month, up from 15 metro areas in October.”

Jobs are not coming back either, not well paying jobs.  Our manufacturing base was outsourced. Many will do our jobs, for less money and there are many hungry job seekers.  Politicians and Elites who comprise the Corporatocracy have been systematically destroying the American Middle Class.  The top 1% control 42% of the wealth.From the looks of the REAL unemployment numbers found in those links it would appear many more Americans are living in the Obama Depression.

Meanwhile our government sends out the propaganda and the paid corporate shills (mainstream news) tell us everything is going to be fine.

The economy flew off the cliff and instead of reforming the system things are back to normal and the corporatocracy keeps on stealing from the population.  The mega wealthy are doing fine and the gap between rich and poor is the largest it has been since the Great Depression.  States are running out of unemployment funds, Social Security is running in the Red the fund having been looted ever since congress and  LBJ put it in the general fund.  Plummeting tax receipts and baby boomer’s soon to be retiring en mass the $14 Trillion transfer of wealth how long do you believe these programs will be in existence?

corporatecracy …. “What good luck for those in power that people do not think,” said Adolf Hitler
obama hitler

Well President Obama some of us are thinking and as more and more Americans are the butt of the joke this Cautionary Tale should be heeded.  Eventually Americans who said they won’t be fooled again and found out they were by electing you may be singing a new tune “We’re Not Gonna Take It Anymore

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