Glitch will cut jobless benefits for millions

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“It’s a horribly complicated system, and most people didn’t pay attention,” Mr. McDermott said of the need for quick Congressional renewal.

Too bad the sheep still “don’t get it” because what we are witnessing is a process that started some time ago — the elimination of the middle class throughout the world (redistribution of the wealth…. to the rich of course). Next will be the crashing of the worlds economies so a new cashless system can be introduced, and yes, freedoms for the sheep have no place in this new system.

In a few weeks, Christmas will be over and Walmart and others will begin laying off people, cutting hours, wages and benefits of those who still work for them etc. Some retailers will decide if it is viable to remain in business, or cut back on operations/go bankrupt in the new year. Seasonal industries like construction etc. won’t start up until Spring so there will be little to no job growth there. It may take a while for employers to begin hiring a lot of people again because they have come to realize that they can make money with less people doing the work and as long as there are a surplus of unemployed workers to replace those who have jobs still, they can exploit the ones they have to the max in order to save even more money. And when the dust settles, what kinds of jobs will be created?

The oil industry may get better for a time but what happens a few years down the road when the majority of cars on the road use electric or some other kinds of fuel to run? Or when more people use other means to heat their homes besides natural gas? In the new economy, you either get Walmart and McDonald’s type jobs or highly technical jobs that require multiple university degrees and lots of specific experience to do them. But even the lower end jobs won’t be as plentiful if people do not have and spend money on things other than their basic needs. Even if some of those companies make record profits, it doesn’t mean they will hire a lot mroe people or pay the ones they have much more unless they have to because they can’t ever make too much money. The current economic system may be working well for greedy corporate executives and bankers, but certainly not for the average person, so things will have to change at some point!

‘Glitch’ could cut jobless benefits for a million
By Erik Eckholm New York Times

About one million laid-off workers will see their unemployment benefits end in January unless Congress acts quickly to renew existing federally paid extensions, according to a new report and legislators and state officials.

The record-long extension of emergency benefits that was hastily signed into law on Nov. 6 was widely praised as an essential lifeline for the hundreds of thousands of Americans who had spent a year or more in fruitless searches for jobs.

The new law provided up to 14 weeks of federally paid aid to unemployed people who had exhausted existing state and federal limits, benefits that already ranged up to 79 weeks in many states. And for the majority of states with particularly high unemployment, it added on an additional six weeks of payments, bring the potential total to 99 weeks.

Caseworkers Fear For Their Safety
UPDATED: 5:56 pm EST November 16, 2009

LANSING, Mich. — Michigan caseworkers who deal with food stamps and other aid programs say they have never been so overwhelmed — or so worried about their safety.

Some clients have begun taking their anger out on the very people who are offering help.

One frustrated client hurled a piece of concrete through the window of a welfare agency. Another threw her car keys at a worker before being escorted away.

The dismal economy has caused record demand for food assistance and public health care, forcing impoverished clients to wait hours for help in crowded office buildings. To make matters worse, a troublesome new computer system is also causing delays.

The state says it is short 700 full-time field workers. It will be tough to bring in reinforcements given Michigan’s budget problems.

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