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Haitian refugees invited to Miami

North Miami Mayor Andre Pierre

“Those folks are coming here seeking opportunities. Those folks are coming here seeking the American dream.” Pierre told us.

here are an estimated 460,000 ILLEGAL immigrants in Arizona.

These illegal immigrants do not pay taxes on the wages they earn, yet US law allows them medical care and their children to attend school at the expense of legal, law abiding citizens.

american dream over

The US government has been dragging their feet on the issue, so Arizona has sent the rest of the country a message. Now, the liberal elements come out, telling Arizona how terrible they are, for passing such a draconian law.

What would you do if someone broke into your house, used your health insurance card? What if I sent my children to your school, at your expense? Would you welcome me into your house and let me stay? Thought not. Indeed, so called liberal views on such topics are usually held by those who are not affected by the situation. For those who actually have to deal with the negative impact, it’s another story.

N. Miami Mayor Invites 55,000 Immigrants Into City

As President Obama addressed the nation for the first time on immigration reform Thursday; North Miami’s mayor Andre Pierre sat in his city hall waiting to hear about Haiti. The President never mentioned it, or Pierre’s latest offer to the White House.

“I’m inviting them to come and live and settle in the City of North Miami.” said Pierre. “Them” are 55,000 Haitians currently on waiting lists for visas to the United States.

Pierre, a Haitian immigrant and immigration lawyer, is suggesting North Miami be refuge for thousands currently living in tents in earthquake ravaged Haiti.

“Those folks are coming here seeking opportunities. Those folks are coming here seeking the American dream.” Pierre told us. He is confident the background search for the visas would ensure the immigrants would be upstanding citizens if given the opportunity. “I can tell you David this is not going to be a burden to the United States,”

Around North Miami CBS4’s David Sutta found residents split on the idea.

“I don’t know if there would be enough room for them all.” said Nancy Aragonese. North Miami’s population is approximately 60,000. The influx would nearly double the population.

Henry Alvarez, another North Miami resident felt the Haitian immigrants should be given a chance. “They should have the opportunity that everyone else has,” said Alavarez. Source CBS

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  1. Yemisi Yemisi July 11, 2010

    …..Hey, I know how we can solve the problem of Illegal immigration into the U.S. Take photos of the gulf coast region with oil tar balls and dead sea mammals & fish on it’s beaches, people evacuating with their belongings being moved into moving trucks and post them in the cities of mexico, emphasizing that if they come anywhere near the U.S., they will die from inhaling all the toxic gasses and fumes!!

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