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Minimum Wage For Politicians

Politicians and academics keep touting that they’re working on a poverty reduction strategy, but what most people forget is that most of the program just steal from the rich and give (after a politician’s cut, of course) to the poor in only small ways. Sarcastically speaking, there’s already been a poverty strategy in place for years that is working tremendously. Increased prices and taxes have been making the working become the working poor.

Also, keeping the minimum wage so low that those folks need two jobs to buy food . The lowering of taxes for business while increasing taxes on the individual (ie. harmonized sales taxes and so on) so that the majority of the population can never get ahead. This is all while a record number of billionaires are announced in the news to show that difficult times are only for the working man.

Nearly 25% of San Jose Residents Now Live in Poverty
KCBS News | Wednesday, 13 January 2010 8:34AM

SAN JOSE (KCBS) — San Jose leaders want to increase awareness about the number of people living in poverty in one of the wealthiest areas of the country.

“It’s no longer the cost of food. It’s the cost of housing, the cost of healthcare, the cost of transportation that really drives the federal poverty rate a lot higher,” he said. “In this county, it’s three-times the federal rate.”

“The reality is that people have to make those tradeoffs,” said Kepferle. “Do I pay the rent, or do I pay for my medication. Do I pay for the gas, or do I pay to get my kid into childcare. That’s affecting almost 25% of the population.”

He told KCBS even affluent areas of the city are starting to see the homeless.

San Jose City Councilman Ash Kalra has challenged residents to live up to the Silicon Valley reputation.

“With Martin Luther King, Jr’s birthday a couple days away, I think it’s particularly important for all of us to engage in ending poverty,” said Kalra. “Certainly, in Silicon Valley, we pride ourselves on being creative. We pride ourselves on being successful, and energetic, and having initiative.”

Anyone wishing to give time or donations should contact their local shelter, food bank, or other homeless assistance organization.

Full story at KCBS News

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