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Update: Jobless benefits denied to 1+ million Americans

unemployed phd will code for food

They did it! The government of your nation did it! They just turned their backs on over a million people on unemployment and denied the extensions! Congress, in the most nefarious and pernicious move seen since “post economic collapse period,” has walked away, went home for the weekend and did not extend unemployment benefits to over a million America families.

unemployed losing benefits 2010 graph
God knows what it would take for citizens to wake up and recognize
the Republicans (or Democrats) in Washington today do not have the best interests at heart of of those who have suffered in the economic crisis that emerged after 8 years of their rule there.

Here is another egregious example:

Rep. Dean Heller (R-NV) positing that extending unemployment benefits
may be creating “hobos”:

Heller said the current economic downturn and policies may bring
back the hobos of the Great Depression, people who wandered the
country taking odd jobs. He said a study found that people who are out
of work longer than two years have only a 50 percent chance of getting back into the workforce. “I believe there should be a federal safety net,” Heller said, but he questioned the wisdom of extending
unemployment benefits yet again to a total of 24 months, which
Congress is doing. “Is the government now creating hobos?” he asked.

GOP objection could jeopardize jobless benefits

Citing deficit, Ky. senator blocks extension of payments to unemployed

WASHINGTON – The Senate failed Friday to extend programs for laid-off workers, jeopardizing unemployment benefits scheduled to expire over the weekend.

Democrats on Friday tried to pass a bill extending the programs for one month, but they couldn’t overcome the objections of a single lawmaker, Republican Sen. Jim Bunning of Kentucky, who said that the $10 billion bill would add to the budget deficit.

The benefits are part of a larger package of government programs, from highway funding to loans for small businesses, set to expire Sunday because senators couldn’t agree on how to pay to keep them going.The House passed the one-month extension on Thursday as lawmakers continued to wrangle over how to address the issues long-term. You can read the full report from MSNBC

Unemployment Benefits Denied!Over A Million Families Destroyed!

By C. Rich On Friday, February 26th 2010

They did it! The government of your nation did it! They just turned their backs on over a million people on unemployment and denied the extensions! Congress, in the most nefarious and pernicious move seen since “post economic collapse period,” has walked away, went home for the weekend and did not extend unemployment benefits to over a million America families.

One Senator from Kentucky was allowed to block the unemployment benefits and put over a million families in complete and utter jeopardy by cutting off the only income these families have to pay their bills. Jim Bunning the junior Senator from The Blue Grass State just decided to play politics with people’s survival and crushed the unemployed by making a national debt argument on the backs of over a million families. In the most coldhearted fashion, this venal man sold his soul to ideology and crushed under his foot the desperate millions of people who can not find a job due to no fault of their own.

The dysfunction of this government is now in full force and on display for every American to see. Those of us with a job who don’t speak out and do something, deserve to one day be in our fellow American’s shoes. Our government is completely out of control and with this latest failure has become the single biggest threat to the survival of the American family. To allow one politician from some small state to block extended unemployment for over a million people and their families goes beyond anything acceptable. You can read the full summary from AmericaSpeak News

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  1. Surprise Goober Surprise Goober August 23, 2010

    And this is a surprise in what WAY?

    Lets see sinc e Bill and hILL cLINTON signed the Bradley Amendment, setting precident to Trample the rights of the very Children they PRETENDED to protect…..Every Man in our country has been a Target….it didn’t matter if they were Good Fathers, bad Fathers or actually Fathers at all. If I name you My Baby Daddy…..the Government will Steal from you and give it to me. God forbid anyone speak out For a Dead beat Dad……who might just have a few kids he was supporting at the Time besides the Baby Mama with her hand out. Those kids have been Tossed in the Street along with the Throw away man. Jail time, no trial. Debtors Prison….until it is paid…..but the bill is not canceled even due to Death. Dead Guys appearing on the nazi Dead beat most wanted list Instead of violent criminals?

    Oh and the Tax nightmare. Lets see. Used to be they would Audit you… got to say Something….yes sir I have that reciept right here. They keep telling everyone that Audits are down. Yeah……because Now they don’t bother Wanting any opinion from YOU. You can prove til your blue in the face………But you have been ASSESSED……Now Just try to find ONE person at the Nazi IRS who will talk about ANY way of fixing it other than Paying Taxes that amount to 6 times total gross income for that year. Oh yeah all sorts of help on TV ….except…..they charge a huge fee for not much. Why government not going after people financially brutilizing those who the Gobberment just hit. Did you know they can take your Childrens College fund? Did you know that Death in the family is no excuse to Miss the Date to respond to Ass…es….ment. (30 days only… question…to bad so sad……your kids shall be slaves too cause College was just Taken away ….Shoulda paid your taxes! )

    Foreclosure……now tax dollars bailed out ….big business……Did not help ONE home owner. If anything it made them get more agressive to anyone who still managed to have ANY equity. The only ones theywere nice to….are the ones they should have never LOANed any money to. i applied for one of the oBama Bombs……We were told that we were to Poor to get help????? what… only help those who don’t need it? No…..we don’t actually help anyone…..but we pretend to so that it appears like we are trying.

    Anyone noticed that all you have to do to be a Domestic Terrorist now is Speak against the Government in any way (such as this) or commit a crime…..(like lose your job if you are required to pay Baby Mama Support….and don’t even call it that Lie name……it is paid to the vindictive Custodial Parent and even if They happen to be engaged in substance abuse and dump the kids on relatives……those Relatives are not allowed to see a dime of Her Child Support. Nobody cares if the kids actually get it…….now it’s a crime to be injured, deployed, sick or laid off…..If your a male.

    So lets see…..lets get all the Men folk locked up or with out any family support….cause we will make it a Fashionable Thing To hate them…….then we will Starve the desperate…..whos left to fight ? Anyone with anything who doesn’t agree with Caeser Obama…..shall be financially harassed until they submit.

    And here and there we will seed a few riots for those who have not yet awakened to how desperately we Need fewer freedoms and More Government……It’s Time for a Change…..and Change is all thats left of your slave labor now people. You have lost all right to property, fruits of you labor , freedom of speech, children….And most of all government handouts are for everyone now…….but you have to Wait until we are sure you will be THANKful that we have helped you.

    Our Wonderful Uncle……………seems a little beastly to me. Why does This sort of thing Shock you?

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