E-cigarettes save lives, money

"We know that cigarettes have thousands of chemicals in them and we know that they are killing us. They have been for over a hundred years. So now, the e-cig industry comes along with only one or two chemicals in their mixture and people are freaking out over these as well. Whe

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US inches closer to big bank charges

Federal prosecutors are nearing criminal charges against some of the world’s biggest banks, according to lawyers briefed on the matter, a development that could produce the first guilty plea from a major bank in more than two decades. In doing so, prosecutors are confronting

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Canada’s home sales top predictions; why a real estate crash is inevitable

“The assurance of relatively low borrowing costs has likely given home buyers confidence while rising home values have kept new listings at a healthy level. Stable employment has provided some assurance to owners and buyers alike.” Our website is back after many months of

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Comparing today's recession/depression to the 1980 recession

"Much like today, Americans were concerned not only with high unemployment but increasing budget deficits in the early 1980s. A September 1983 Gallup poll found that three-fourths of the public agreed that the federal government's budget deficit was a great threat (42%) or some

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Why savers are getting screwed

"Without the intervention of economic policymakers, interest rates would be naturally higher. That would increase the cost of borrowing for businesses and consumers, but there would be some offsetting economic benefits. Savers are getting screwed by the current monetary policy

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Geithner admits USA bankrupt to US Senate

"Never in our history has Congress failed to increase the debt limit when necessary. Failure to raise the limit would precipitate a default by the United States. Default would effectively impose a significant and long-lasting tax on all Americans and all American businesses

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Real reason for electricity blackouts hitting southern US

“Large oil companies have for a decade artificially shorted the gasoline market to drive up prices,” said FTCR president Jamie Court. “Oil companies know they can make more money by making less gasoline.” The following article was written by Paul Joseph Watson. He is t

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World economies on verge of currency revaluations to deal with debt

"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning." -- Henry Ford Basically what the world central banks are doing is increasing their money by devaluin

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Is Obama the next Mugabe of Zimbabwe?

"America, Britain, Japan, Germany, France, Sweden, Holland, Norway, Canada and Australia make up the Fishmongers Group and their meeting on Tuesday will deliberate on the state of the inclusive government, debt relief, public finance administration and the controversial economi

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US raiding foreign countries with dollars, not soldiers

""The United States is going to China and saying: we want you to commit economic suicide, just like Japan did. We want you to follow the same thing: we want you to revalue your currency, we want you to squeeze your companies, we want you to go bankrupt,” says Michael Hudson,

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FDIC wants your retirement cash to save banks: Bloomberg

“The FDIC is constantly looking at structures where we can get the greatest opportunity to tap into capital that we have not had the success reaching through previous disposition methods,” FDIC spokeswoman Michele Heller said in an e-mailed statement. “We welcome and work

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Canadian government admits recovery never happened

“Not only did their stimulus fail to create the jobs of tomorrow, it also failed to protect the jobs of today,” Scott Brison, the opposition Liberal Party’s spokesman for finance issues, said by telephone. "Most of us were shaking our heads in disbelief early last year w

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grand isle lousianna tourist empty

“Carolyn Angelette said around 100 clients have canceled summer rentals in Grand Isle, LA. Other clients have postponed plans to buy a home until they see the full extent of oil damage. At this rate, she warns, her Century 21 office will go out of business.”

It is obvious BP will be in litigation for decades with multiple plaintiffs once it is discovered just how much damage this unprecedented disaster has unleashed. It would not surprise me if this catastrophe bankrupts the company.

People of the Gulf states must realize they have to move. Indeed, you cannot live on bottled water forever. Fresh water is a must, and as the oil seeps inland, the fresh water is taking away that one “must”, along with air that people must have to live. Also, Hurricanes will bring the oil, by way of how a hurricane works, far inland, further than people would think it would reach.

As it now passes over waters where marine life live, killing them in it wake, it’s being carried via currents to areas that no one would have thought. The Atlantic coast of Florida? How on earth would one have the foresight to think that the oil would head in that direction, when the Gulf appears to insulate the spill from areas beyond? Likewise, the oil is continuing to gush out in amounts so far above from what BP has allowed the media to know, that all the areas in the Gulf are becoming “dead zones”. There will no longer be healthy fish or shrimp to catch; tourism is a lo st cause. Perhaps the only thing left for anyone or any thing will be the oil that those wonderful oil giants are drilling for.

It’s time to move. Get yourself into survival mode and start researching. Many people have already been preparing for years as many have seen the impending problem with drilling too deeply.

Britain BP Oil Spill Protest

Globs of oil are drifting on shore, birds are being found drenched in oil, turtles are washing up dead, the list goes on and on and on. No one wants to think that the only place they’ve ever worked or a place where they’ve lived all their lives, will no longer be a place that is habitable, but that is what the Gulf is becoming, and it’s starting to show up in dead animals, dead fish, all from oil gushing out from a drilling form, and no one can stop it from gushing out.

Louisiana Realtor: Oil Is Having “Horrible, Just Horrific” Effect On Sales

A realtor at ground zero of the oil leak said the disaster was having a “horrible, just horrific” effect on sales.

Carolyn Angelette said around 100 clients have canceled summer rentals in Grand Isle, LA. Other clients have postponed plans to buy a home until they see the full extent of oil damage. At this rate, she warns, her Century 21 office will go out of business.

“Even if they were to stop the oil today, people will be fearful of coming out here and getting in the water,” Angelette said.

Home prices in the beach town held steady during the housing crash, Angelette explained, as most Grand Isle buyers are looking for second homes. Property destruction during Hurricane Katrina was a greater problem. By this summer, however, the market was ready for a strong recovery.

“The oil spill couldn’t have happened at a worse time,” Angelette said.

Like her clients, Angelette fears the worst. She thinks chemical dispersants released by BP have made an even bigger toxic mess, which may turn Grand Isle into a uninhabitable wasteland, the next Love Canal. Source

“I’m selling everything I have and getting out of dodge. My house is going for less than what I paid for it, and I’m selling all my other stuff. This is just plain horrible,” said Gary Villeneuve, a resident of Grand Isle, while pointing to the pictures of the devastation the Gulf of Mexico oil spill is wreaking on the coast of Louisiana .

Well folks it’s time to put your money where your mouth is. If you are not part of the solution you ARE part of of the problem. Sure it can seem to cost a little more on the surface, but the end result is better for everyone. Don’t just pay lip service to being “Green”. Read a little and apply a little. You don’t have to completely reinvent yourself in order to start making small changes that will add up. Compact Florecents and recycling were the last couple decades improvements but don’t stop there.

bp oil public hostage

British Petroleum, Corporations not totally to blame

It is difficult to see how it is the fault of everyday citizens for the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. BP has a history for being irresponsible when it comes to the environment, yet the US government continued to support its lobbying for contracts in oil drilling. The US government failed its citizens by deregulating the safety standards needed for off shore drilling and are reapiing the benefits of that deregulation; unfortuantely the rest of the world and the environment are benefiting as well.

BP according to other news sources refused to pay $500,000 for a safety mechanism that is used in Brazil and Norway that would shut off the oil leakage should such a disaster that is happening now occur. BP’s refusal was because the thought of such a mechanism was not cost efficient. Again, corporate interest is about profit over safety.

Obama’s government in bed with big oil

On May 7, Wayne Madsen, writing for Oil Price, reported that the Obama administration and BP are covering up the magnitude of the volcanic-level oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico and working together to limit BP’s liability for damage. “Only after the magnitude of the disaster became evident did Obama order Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano to declare the oil disaster a ‘national security issue.’ Although the Coast Guard and FEMA are part of her department, Napolitano’s actual reasoning for invoking national security was to block media coverage of the immensity of the disaster that is unfolding for the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean and their coastlines,” writes Madsen.

British Petroleum gave $71,000 to Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign, more than John McCain or Hillary Clinton.

Who do you think caused the oil spill?

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Madsen cites federal and state sources that indicate Obama and BP have colluded to cover-up the extent of the oil leak. Satellite imagery is “being withheld by the Obama administration that shows what lies under the gaping chasm spewing oil at an ever-alarming rate is a cavern estimated to be around the size of Mount Everest. This information has been given an almost national security-level classification to keep it from the public, according to our sources.”

Canadians should also start worrying about what’s happening in their own backyard, especially since BP porbably has a hand in the Tar Sands. If the public is serious about renewable, alternative energy and the protection of the environment start putting pressure on the politicians who are supposed to represent your interests as citizens, and not corporate interests.

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  1. May 28, 2010 @ 8:02 am

    […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Dean Philpot, Jack Augh. Jack Augh said: Sell now warns LA real estate experts amid BP oil spill http://goo.gl/fb/ER51S […]

  2. June 6, 2010 @ 8:08 pm

    I’ll give you $500 for the ocean front house. Maybe I can use it in 15-20 yrs from now. Hopefully before I die.

    Posted by Tony
  3. June 30, 2010 @ 7:25 pm

    With that voting poll, you are misleading people because this spill WAS an inside job between BP and the federal government, but most importantly, the one’s who control our government, the central banking institutions, like Goldman Sachs who dumped 44% of its shareholdings in BP months before the spill, or the fact that Halliburton bought Boots and Coots, a oil rig cleaning company, and did “repairs” on the rig the day before the explosion. Wake up people! Tony Hayward, who sold his shares in the company 2 days before the explosion, is a member of Bilderberg, as are all the media moguls like Ted Turner and Rupert Murdoch, or even Bill Gates, Bush, Obama, everyone on top pretty much. They are trying to depopulate the world, tapping it at 500 million, these people are pure evil! This was an inside job, to bring in the New World Order!

    Posted by Joshua A. Dodd
  4. July 13, 2010 @ 4:04 pm

    What If The Economy Is Just… Boring…

    As you scan the landscape of pundits and economists these days, it seems as if there are only two options…

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