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Bank foreclosure “mistake” costs woman her home, health

hauling house away

“They came into my home and violated my dignity,” she said, indicating she is instead seeking $200,000 and asserting it is “the memories that were taken” that upsets her most.

The incident mentioned in the UPI article is all too common these days with rising foreclosures and bankruptcies exploding nationwide and throughout the Western economies that were once dependent on a stable economy.

The U.S. economy will not recover. Without good paying jobs there can be no hope of recovery. The irresponsible fiscal policies of the U.S. government will lead to the collapse of the U.S. dollar. Canada’s economy will feel the impact and the recession will become a depression, if not already done so. The conditions are right for the formation of the North American Union, and the introduction of the Amero.

The U.S. Federal Reserve and their newly structured banking companies will control the markets of the newly formed Union and the world. We will pay carbon taxes on every item we buy icnluding energy, medicine, clothing, building materials, appliances, automobiles, electronics and even food and water. These fees will be collected worldwide by the banking empire, the new World Bank. This is the agenda of neo-Con, and it is well on course. The writing is on the wall, so do not be surprised if you wake up soon, and Big Brother is everywhere!

People should be screaming for the heads of the bankers responsible for this mess. These same people are responsible for the global recession that we’re all right now.

“…a May study by the online real estate site indicated that more than one in five Americans owed more in mortgage debt than the actual worth of their homes.”

That’s a lot of people. We are in for a rough ride, folks. I would be very surprised if we start to crawl out of this muck by the end of the year, like some talking heads would have us believe.

Woman loses everything in foreclosure flub

UPI News Service

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 2 (UPI) — A Las Vegas woman says she needs more than an apology and $5,000 from a real estate company that carted away all her belongings in a mistaken foreclosure.

Nilly Mauck, 31, says she returned to her condominium from a Colorado ski trip to find that in addition to her couch, bed, dining room set and computer missing, irreplaceable documents such as her father’s military records, family photographs and her own immigration, medical and financial records had been hauled away, the Las Vegas Sun reported Saturday.

The real estate company, the Brenkus Team of Henderson, Nev., had admitted it meant to foreclose on a neighboring condo and initially offered Mauck $5,000, but she told the Sun that only added insult to injury.

“They came into my home and violated my dignity,” she said, indicating she is instead seeking $200,000 and asserting it is “the memories that were taken” that upsets her most.

“There is no question that Ms. Mauck is entitled to fair compensation,” the firm’s attorney Albert Marquis said. “But we think that her demand for $200,000 is greatly exaggerated.”

You can view the original story at UPI News Service

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