Chinese Women are Traveling to America to Give Birth and Deliver Citizenship

chinese communists taking over usa

chinese communists taking over usa

Wang Rong, who is six-months pregnant, is about to leave Beijing for California so she can give birth to her baby in the United States and give the child its first gift – US citizenship.

According to little Tommie Friedman in the New York Times China is supposed to be like heaven whereas America is supposedly inferior. Frankly, China is a nightmarish country and is not the future, despite all the hype and this is yet another piece of evidence despite all the media jargon. No country which has the most rapidly aging population in the world and 22 million single men and climbing, who cannot get married has much of brilliant future. Besides, the prosperity hasn’t reached much of the quarter billion people in the interior, rural areas. China is going to fall apart in the coming years and these parents know it deep down, this is an escape plan. I am sympathetic to a degree, Chinese are certainly better than Somalis, but this has to stop.

Chinese make special delivery

As if everything being “made in China” and the subsequent loss of your jobs were not enough, China is hell bent on sending their citizens to claim US citizenship by having “anchor babies,” according to Chinese Daily.

The special delivery will cost Wang and her husband, both white-collar workers in the capital, 100,000 yuan ($15,000), but they say it is money well spent.

The expenditure will cover all costs, including services before departure, medical care in the US and a three-month stay there, thanks to the help of a Shanghai-based agency that specializes in taking mainland moms to North America.

“Given the quality of educational resources and employment prospects in China, where there is a huge population and harsh competition, I want my baby to win at the starting line by obtaining US citizenship,” she said.

The cost to deliver a baby in the US is far higher than in Beijing, but still affordable for the couple, which makes nearly 250,000 yuan a year, she said.

The list of benefits runs long for babies born in the US, says Jiang Feng, the Chinese mainland partner of the agency, which originated in Taiwan.

Jiang said babies born in the US will, at the very least, be entitled to a place at an American public university, which is favored by many parents over domestic institutions, both for quality of teaching and cheaper tuition.

“The number of mainland customers has been skyrocketing since we opened the branch in late 2008, right after the US opened tourist visa applications to Chinese individuals,” he told China Daily

Source Chinadaily

The fact that we’re a magnet attracting people away from their homes is something of an amazing thing in and of itself but given the current decline of the Americas in general, and the shift of economic strength toward India, China, and Brazil (to name only a few), things are going to get a lot worse before they ever get better – if such a thing as getting better is even possible.

The southern border with Mexico is a sieve through which thousands of people make their way towards what they can only is a better life. Throwing people in jail or deporting them isn’t going to stem the tide nor will it save tax dollars either. Couple the genuine determination of many illegal immigrants with the cartel wars and their attempt to place their members in the USA for drug related purposes and you get a blanket approach to enforcement that can only be doomed to fail on all levels. On top of that, the debt crisis will only worsen, the US is virtually bankrupt; and China is controlling the flow of cash that is keeping America and her enormous military / welfare state on life support.

Immigration problems not native to USA

A ‘deterrent’ of a $10,000 fine for every illegal employee found working in a Canadian business is just the starting point to cracking down on this problem. If this was brought into place then a good portion of the Asian restaurants in Metro Vancouver would have to start paying minimum wage to their ‘Canadian’ employees. I can walk two blocks from my house in Vancouver to a Pho restaurant where mostly all the female staff are there illegally. The faces of the young women are always changing which makes it look like this is just a springboard into something else.

The concern is not only prostitution but that legal or illegal, the Canadian immigration system is just piling immigrants on top of immigrants which is supplying a cheap Asian labour pool at least on the west coast. You can chose from lots of competition there to spend 20 bucks and have 3 guys show up in a truck and spend up to an hour on your garden. In the processing plants it’s not uncommon to have mainland Chinese working 8 hours and only getting paid for 4 hours so instead of 8 bucks and hour they end up making 4 bucks an hour. As long as Canadian politicians keep ignoring all this and continue to exchange votes for immigration policy this will only become a larger and more serious problem.

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