Is America for sale? Corsi thinks so

america for sale

Yes. the prices of things we do not need are down, but the cost of everything we cannot do without are up. In many cases food items are now in smaller jars and cans that weigh less and give us less product for our money. Tuna used to be in 7 ounce cans, then 6 ounce cans and now in 5 ounce cans. A 1/2 gallon of ice cream used to be 64 ounces, then 56 ounces and now 48 ounces.

The same in true for many other food items also. Like Hellmann’s Moyo used to be 32 ounces and now it’s 28 ounces. The things we cannot avoid are all up. Like real estate taxes, homeowners insurance, sales taxes, road and bridge tolls, health insurance premiums are up and the deductibles they insurance companies don’t cover are up also. Vehicle registration and drivers license fees are up. The only thing that is not up is wages and without higher wages there will never be a recovery..

It’s the book everyone is about to be talking about, and it hits bookstores tomorrow.

Between President George W. Bush’s pursuit of a “new world order” and President Barack Obama’s massive expansion of government, America’s middle class, which built the nation on its work ethic, is in danger, according to “AMERICA FOR SALE: Fighting the New World Order, Surviving a Global Depression, and Preserving USA Sovereignty.’

The book is the latest work of author Jerome Corsi, who’s earlier works include “The Obama Nation and “The Late Great USA.”

In the new book, Corsi blows the whistle of a movement to undercut the fundamental principles of limited government that America’s Founding Fathers fought for and died for.

Corsi explains how policy-makers are manipulating the economic panic of our time to advance a “globalist” plan that would undermine American sovereighty.

“We must protect our independent and self-governing nation and preserve the decades of economic power and military strength we have enjoyed since the end of World War II,” he suggests.

In “AMERICA FOR SALE,” Corsi explains the globalists’ plan to put America on the sale block, from financial services firms to public infrastructure such as highways and airports.

And he writes how even while the radical Left promotes socialism and the other end of the spectrum works on free trade, “valuable jobs are being outsourced, our national borders erased, and our dollar destroyed before our very eyes.

Corsi explains constructive solutions for resisting the global New Deal, reversing the nation’s dependence on foreign oil, and strengthening the nation’s middle class.

Further, he “shares important and practical strategies to help American families survive an imminent economic depression.”

“The United States can be a major player in the world economy without sacrificing our sovereignty, the strength of our national domestic economy, or the dollar. America is for sale – unless taxpayers stand up and say ‘NO!’ to the globalist political agenda that threatens our great nation’s freedom,” he writes.

Corsi received a Ph.D. from Harvard University in political science in 1972. He is the author of the No. 1 New York Times best-seller “The Obama Nation: Leftist Politics and the Cult of Personality” and the co-author of “Unfit for Command: Swift Boat Veterans Speak Out Against John Kerry,” which was also a No. 1 New York Times best-seller. He is a regular contributor to

For nearly 25 years, beginning in 1981, he worked with banks throughout the U.S. and around the world to develop financial services marketing companies to assist banks in establishing broker/dealers and insurance subsidiaries to provide financial planning products and services to their retail customers.

In this career, Corsi developed three different third-party financial services marketing firms that reached gross sales levels of $1 billion in annuities and equal volume in mutual funds. In 1999, he began developing Internet-based financial marketing firms, also adapted to work in conjunction with banks.

In his 25-year financial services career, Corsi has been a noted financial services speaker and writer, publishing three books and numerous articles in professional financial services journals and magazines.

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