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Unemployment benefits are opium for masses

unemployment rate up

“The length of these benefits is unprecedented, they are already over three times longer than the longest previous extension of benefits. The benefits are also larger, with health insurance also being subsidized for the first time.”

Marx and Engels were right… the end of capitalism is finally here.

Now if we only had elected officials who represented us and not the wealthy elite, the banks and their corporations we’d be able to get our way out of this mess with little disruption to the lives and livelihoods of the tax payers.

Naturally the wealthy elite would lose their largess and actually have to work for living for once and give up their excessively lavish lifestyles but the we’d be able to feed, clothe, house and maintain the health and education of everyone on the planet.

But that is not how this cookie will crumble. The wealthy elite will use the police and the military to hold onto everything they have stolen from hard working tax payers to prop-up their ponzi scheme.

Unemployment used to be national emergency

We shouldn’t care what anyone says — we should have 100% employment. Everyone should have a job, even the disabled. Think about it. How hard is it to stuff envelopes or other piece work? Enough of this legislated poverty BS or how employment affects our dollar value or the global economy spread the wealth and jobs BS. if unemployment is the price we have to pay to have a strong economy in a global market or whatever then I don’t want any part of it. We are supposed to have plenty to go around aren’t we? So we shouldn’t care what the “experts” say; we should be getting everyone a job it’s not like there are not enough able bodied people out there out of work. We shouldn’t believe that people are unwilling to work, that’s just the spin we put on it to account for the hundreds or thousands of unemployed people in every major city.

How many of you have had a position open up at your workplace and walk by some panhandler and not say a word to him or her? Instead you keep you mouth shut and keep on walking by; a sad truth. Looking at our cities we can see plenty of people who walk from one end to the other picking bottles and cans hauling bag loads for a few dollars, They work harder than many of us yet many of us treat them like dirt (easy to pass them off as drug addicts it makes us feel better).

We really need to get our heads out of our rear ends so we can see what’s really going on, put aside our inequities or political beliefs and get everyone working. Indeed, if everyone had a job there would be much fewer people to blame for our problems.

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  1. Randy Randy August 7, 2010

    I agree with your starting points, but not where you end up. We should have about 10% employment, not 100%. There is simply NOT that much work that actually needs to get done. Most of the “work” that gets done is making totally useless crap that people buy on impulse, and ends up in the trash weeks, days, or even minutes later. Whatever brief moment of entertainment it gave the purchaser, it harmed everyone else in terms of reduced resources (particularly oil, water, and energy). Increased productivity means exactly what it says. Less people required to do work. Also, we should face up to the reality that, quite frankly, some people are NOT good at work, and should be kept out of the job market. We’ve all worked with such people, haven’t we? I’m saying that fully 90% of the people currently working could all quit tomorrow, and nobody would bat an eye, other than the artificial economic fallout due to less “widgets” being sold.

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