USA passes health care HR 3590 by slim margin

obama care blue glove war poster

obama care blue glove war poster

“Who thinks they’re entitled to medical treatment that somebody else should pay for? Who Pays? Government? Where do they get the money? The government is already stiffing the doctors on Medicare patients- Who will continue to work without being paid? It’s a downward spiral gaining momentum. ” — Politico Commenter

One thing needs clarification. Why is it called ‘insurance’ if people with confirmed pre-conditions must be given medical service for a fraction of what the real cost is?

Whether you agree or not with this legislation, it cannot be denied that it is not insurance any more than buying fire insurance after your house is on fire is considered fire insurance. Call it subsidized medical care, not health insurance.

People should realize that what the US is getting with this bill is a massive expansion of FOR-PROFIT health care. This is nothing like Canadian or European models. There is no public option, no limits on predatory premium increases, no restriction on collusion amongst the insurance companies. It is a bonanza for the insurance industry, who very early on destroyed any hope of any kind of public alternative — despite that that’s what most Americans want. A sad comment on the state of US “democracy” (which is in even sadder shape than our Canadian version of such),

Is this the final word on this overhaul?

Once the Senate bill is passed, lawmakers were expected to approve a series of “fixes” aimed at getting rid of special deals for some districts and states, including the “cornhusker kickback” for Nebraska and other deals made to win Senate support.

President Obama will have to sign the Senate bill into law before any “fixes” bill goes to the Senate under fast-track rules that would enable Democrats to pass it without facing a Republican filibuster. Democrats control 59 of the Senate’s 100 seats, one vote shy of the number needed to overcome bill-killing filibusters from a united GOP.

But senators have given no guarantees they will pass the fixes, which are strictly the wishes of House Democrats. Source: FoxNews

Overhaul might affect US neighbors

It is worth noting that the passage of this bill is really bad for Canada. Thirty million people in the US will be able to go to the doctor in a few years time when their coverage kicks in. Where will these additional doctors and nurses come from to look after them? Well, based on past experience some of them will be enticed from Canada. That will create a shortage there and drive up healthcare costs. The provinces right now should be expanding their medical school enrollments to anticipate the brain drain that’s going to occur. Somehow, we can’t really expect that to happen, which means they have a pretty ugly decade to look forward to, medically speaking.

The funny thing is that so many people are applauding what’s going on in the States (with respect to Obama’s new health-care plan) but in actuality, if the same system that’s being proposed were to be implemented in Canada, Canadians would be screaming bloody murder.

People need to understand that Obama is not looking at establishing a Canadian/European-type health-care system. What’s going on is that, under the proposed legislation, health-care insurance would just be more accessible to people, with government subsidising money to insurance companies.

Who thinks they’re entitled to medical treatment that somebody else should pay for? Who Pays? Government? Where do they get the money? The government is already stiffing the doctors on Medicare patients- Who will continue to work without being paid? It’s a downward spiral gaining momentum. Ever been to a “free” clinic? You’d think you’re in Cuba. The largest single cost to the healthcare industry is frivolous malpractice lawsuits with outrageously inflated payouts (That’s how Jonathan Edwards got rich) – yet that is not being discussed at all, because 0bobo & Co. are members of the lawyer class. — Politico Commenter

In turn, insurance companies would be barred from cancelling insurance policies should the policy bearer become sick, which is the current practice in the U.S. People will still have to pay for insurance, but the rates will be more affordable because of the government intervention. Americans will still have to deal with HMOs, insurance companies and having to come up with money every month/year to pay their premiums.

House OKs H.R. 3590

National Underwriter | March 21 2010

Members of the U.S. House have voted 219-212 to pass H.R. 3590, the health bill that the Senate passed in December 2009, and send it to President Obama for his signature.

The House now is gearing up to vote on H.R. 4872, the Reconciliation Act of 2010. If the Senate approves H.R. 4872, the bill would change H.R. 3590.

All 178 of the Republicans who voted on H.R. 3590 voted against it; 34 of the 253 Democrats who voted voted against the bill.

H.R. 3590, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act bill, would create new subsidies, new coverage mandates, and a number of new limits on private health insurers, such as bans on pre-existing condition exclusions and tight limits on pricing flexibility.

Republicans are trying to put off the vote on H.R. 4872 by holding a vote on a motion to recommit the bill with instructions for antiabortion provisions to be strengthened.

Rep. Bart Stupak, D-Mich., the author of the Stupak amendment, which would have changed abortion funding restriction provisions in the bill, rose in opposition to the motion to recommit.

“The motion to recommit does not promote life,” Stupak said. “This motion is to politicize life, not to prioritize life.”

At press time, House members were voting 196-225 to defeat the motion to recommit. Source: national underwriters

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