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Empty McMansions, Spoiled Government Workers and the Barrage of Illegal Aliens; the Death of Orange County

rotten orange county

Walk along any upscale neighborhood in Orange County and you’ll see empty houses. No, not boarded up houses, just empty as no one lives there.

Story by JMC Orange County Resident

In 2005 and 2006 my neighborhood had a plethora of McMansions built. Developers in a frenzy leveled apartment complexes and displaced hundreds of tenants to build overpriced McMansions that were so close to each other that you could literally hear your neighbor flush his/her toilet. Privacy? Please.

Those McMansions are still empty. No one is buying, people have no money. The owners park their vehicles there to make it look like they’re occupied. The lights are on timers and usually they hire security to make the rounds of the complex in order to avoid squatters.

I saw all this coming a few years ago and tried to warn many of my friends to get out of debt (especially credit card debt). But oh no, date night with the spouse on the weekends and over priced Cosmos were more important. Those dinners were on plastic you know.

orange country foreclosure reposession sale

Homeowners were delusional. They thought their houses would continue to go up in price, as high as the towers in Dubai. They’d rack up serious MasterCard debt and then pay it off with a home equity loan. Eventually the credit card bill had to be paid. The stopping point was when the homeowner had zero equity and no way to pay off the Master Card bill. Add to that one of the spouses losing their job and you have a recipe for disaster.

Since I live in Orange County – I can only speak for what I see around here. Let me educate the rest of the world on the typical upper income OC resident. (Now mind you the middle income and lower income people of OC are the ones who are really getting screwed right now).

Lives in a gated community and hires an illegal alien nanny and gardener to save money. Places saving a little bit of money over loyalty to their community and paying a liveable wage to a CITIZEN.

Many renters in OC paid their rent on time, paid their taxes and kept out of debt. Now we renters are having to bail out homeowners who purchased houses they couldn’t afford or whose houses are underwater.

I’ve never understood the under water thing. If your house loses value, tough. Suck it up like the rest of us. Our 401K’s and IRA’s have lost value, our wages have declined or stayed the same while we’re paying higher taxes and higher food and gas prices. Where is the bailout for us?

Do I have any problem with someone wanting to live a good life and look good? Of course not. But these debt laden lemmings were the type of people who have had a hand in destroying California’s economy. Instead of saving money, they were on an orgy of spending that you and I are paying for now. Either in higher taxes for bailouts, or higher fees to compensate for credit card defaults. You can’t pay your mortgage, then get rid of the house or face foreclosure. If there is no bailout for renters, no bailout for homeowners.

Then we have the government workers. Living high on the hog with big fat pensions, job security and absolutely NO desire to help you whatsoever. At the most government workers do the very minimum they have to do in order to get through the day. The current California pension for government workers is unsustainable. Many retired workers get another job after retirement, sometimes at the same agency they retired from as an independent contractor – which in essence is double dipping.

Instead of hiring another California worker who could use that job, California with its constant nepotism feels it’s easier to hire a potted plant government worker to do the job, again.

California is a beautiful place to live, but not everyone can live here. There’s not enough food or land. But for the ones who are here now, deserve a California government that listens to the natives and doesn’t pander to the illegal aliens or the liberal establishments that seek to destroy CA and its economy.

Here are some common sense bullet points that I feel would enhance our state and our nation:

1. No social service programs for any non-citizens. If you come here illegally expect to be deported.

2. All government jobs should give priority to US born citizens first.

3. Stiff fines for employers who hire illegals. E-Verify is free and it works. By deporting all illegal aliens, able bodied people on welfare would have to work at minimum wage jobs to earn their keep. California would continue to help you out and give you the benefit of the doubt in order to help you get on your feet. The welfare office could put people to work weatherizing homes for low income seniors citizens and litter and beach cleanup.

4. Government employees should either have to purchase a retirement IRA like private sector employees OR pay into social security like the rest of us.

5. No bailouts for any California homeowner. If you purchased a house you can’t afford, either lose the house and declare bankruptcy or negotiate a different loan with with the lender. It’s not the taxpayer’s responsibility to subsidize you.

6. Streamline the EDD office. Direct deposit for all unemployment checks and continued claim forms would be done online or via phone, saving the state millions of dollars in stamps and printing checks.

7. Empty homes? Allow homeless men and women who lost their job through no fault of their own to rent these empty homes. Give the developers or owners of the property huge tax cuts by renting out those homes to low income men and women. Whatever the loss of income by renting out the house, allow the landowner to deduct that amount of money from their tax return. Once again, these would ONLY go to native born Americans first, and then naturalized citizens if there is sufficient inventory of empty homes.

8. All newly arrived immigrants or naturalized citizens in Section 8 housing would be given 90 days to vacate and then move in US citizens in these homes or apartments who are near homeless or broke.

9. Reverse all sales tax and bring sales tax down to about 5%.

10. Freeze all license plate fees to $25. If you buy a new car in CA you’re screwed until the car is very old as license plate fees are insane.

11. Stop SMOG check. It’s a waste of time, energy and money and places a big burden on low income Californians.

12. Turn on the water in the San Joaquin valley. We have some of the most fertile soil in the world. Feeding our people is much more important than a stupid fish.

13. All government documents, flyers and pamphlets in English ONLY. If you don’t know the language, take an ESL class or use something like the Rosetta Stone.

I see a lot of defeated, depressed and broken people in my neighborhood. Common sense, fair government and tough decisions have to be made. Difficult conversations need to take place. Something has got to give.

Thoughts anyone?


  1. Ciaran Ciaran January 22, 2010

    Great article. It sounds like a nightmare. As a hard-working taxpayer – why should I slave to subsidize spoilt-rotten deadbeats?

  2. John John January 23, 2010

    Excellent suggestions, but I do not believe it’s likely that the political class will implement much of this at all. What you wrote simply makes too much sense and we all know politicians are not much into that style of thinking. Regarding #7 in your list, I would suggest the tax deduction be made into a tax credit instead, so that they receive full reimbursement for the subsidy given to those who are put in the home.

  3. Jason Jason January 24, 2010

    Quite simply a revolution is taking place across America. We saw 2.5 million people on DC — what was it, 6 months ago? — over a whole swath of issues, but mainly over Obongo being crowned Prince of USSA. Time to wake up People. Nobody is going to do it for you. You need to spread this website FAR AND WIDE. Write letters, protest, etc.

  4. Brittancus Brittancus January 25, 2010

    We all know the astronomical costs for the Federal government, either retreating from immigration enforcement or just a parody of working? All administrations have remained silent on the real expenditures and unrevealed–BILLIONS–to subsidize illegal alien families? To them its not their money that is being drained from their bank accounts–its just numbers that the IRS extracts from every citizen and legalized resident. The majority of the American workers, businesses owners, bloggers or any person with computer expertise acknowledge that E-Verify is not perfect. But–ANY–any new software eventually after numerous revisions and bug identification can become a winner. E-Verify the software wizard is no different and as its revised and new technology is applied, it does and will detect people unauthorized to work in the United States. Those individual job seekers who have an erroneous rejection, can immediately apply to a Social Security agency for the discrepancy to be resolved. Because of its success rate of over 96.9 percent, there are many in both the House and Senate, who have moved mountains to to undermine its use in determining who has a right to be employed. These are the same UN-American scoundrels who have used their influence in Washington, to drain funding for the whole SAVE ACT.

    Have the public ever noticed how great programs to enforce immigration laws have evaporated, even before they have had a chance to show their worth? Homeland Security Janet Napolitano chief, has allowed Senators like Harry Reid, Majority Speaker Nancy Pelosi to influence the dismantling of the Federal government training for local police detainment of foreign nationals or the sudden slow down of ICE raids on predatory businesses. Cutting back on these systems of immigration enforcement could just be a precursor for Sen. Gutierrez of Illinois push for Comprehensive Immigration Reform? The 1986 law has been ineffectual, as it was never truly enforced. It was absent of its ability to stop the inflow of illegal immigrants, because it was–NEVER MEANT TO WORK? The combined influence of pariah companies, unions, church groups, subversive entities as La Raza, US Chamber of Commerce, Council of Foreign Relations, United Nations and representatives in our own government have been in collusion to keep the illegal aliens coming. By all means solicit for specialized workers with the cream of engineers, scientist and computer programmers with qualifications that Americans are not placing. But we must STOP the desperately poor illegal foreigners who require financial support and halt any body of criminal activity, summarized by the heinous of crimes as drug dealers, child deviates, skin slavers, smugglers as we already have our share this side of borders coming here from many countries.

    A new face has joined the growing list of lawmakers, who are–AGAINST–any revival of AMNESTY for the invaders. Rep. Miller says the best way to protect American workers is to pass his legislation, the Loophole Elimination and Verification Enforcement Act (H.R.994), which puts immigration enforcement first. Rep. Gary Miller (R-Ca) points out several key facts in the AMNESTY bill that would hurt unemployed Americans. First, Miller criticizes the offering of amnesty to the nation’s 12 million illegal aliens, saying that “granting amnesty to those that have recklessly disregarded our nation’s immigration laws is an affront to American citizens and legal residents.” (Rep. Miller adhesive’s to the tired illegal immigrant policy of the 12 million number. In truth there is somewhere between 20 to 30 million as Bear Stearns stated.) Find more answers for your immigration questions at NUMBERSUSA dot com and JUDICIALWATCH dot org.

    Use your own powerful vote to demand NO MORE AMNESTIES, MAKE E-VERIFY PERMANENT , FULLY FUND 287 (G) FOR LOCAL POLICE AND RESUME EXPANDED ICE RAIDS. Call the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121 and asked for your Senator or Congressman. In addition bombard your State Representatives to enforce state laws.

  5. Annette Annette January 27, 2010

    Tell me how to get the thing started! Yes! Let’s approach the developers and see if they are behind renting out to homeless families. You have my email address, contact me and let’s make your ideas happen!

  6. James James May 6, 2010

    You guys seem to forget that Banks have already been paid on all these mortgages, they have been paid up to five times or more on the same house by selling worthless securities. They never loaned the money!!! Now they are seeking a second windfall by foreclosing and collecting that cash as well. They have ignored constitutional law, they have all been parties to illegal racketeering and now they are getting bailouts. Do your homework and visit

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