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news update

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You see a surge of interest in renting rather than owning. Why?
Several things are going on now that have implications for home buying. First, there’s a massive loss of wealth in the middle class through their housing equity, which is where most middle-class wealth is. This ripples through the generations, because younger people aren’t going to have family wealth to help them buy.

Another factor in the loss of wealth is student debt. It’s preventing many people from being able to afford a lot of things because they’re paying off student loans.

Days Of Home Ownership Are Over For Many Years

Canada’s Demographic Time Bomb‏
What? Shredded Newspapers And Sawdust Fail To Soak Up Radiation

Why Everyone Should Buy Physical Silver

The first fact that jumps off the page is that the future for silver looks remarkable with industrial silver demand rising from 15,160.19 tonnes [487.4 million ounces] in 2010 to 20,712.29 tonnes [665.9 million ounces] in 2015.

The Lesson from Japan for PM Investors

Food Commodities Rise Seen Swamping Consumers With Inflation

A lack of farmland and rising costs means growers will fail to keep up with demand, said Aaron Smith, managing director of Superfund Financial (Hong Kong) Ltd. and Superfund USA Inc. Commodities account for about 40 percent of Superfund’s $1.25 billion assets under management. Smith correctly predicted record copper prices in November and a month later rightly anticipated that silver would outperform gold.

Foot stamp record

As some Americans managed to find part-time and temporary jobs in March, some other Americans dropped below the poverty level threshold. 105 thousand in one month to be precise. The total foodstamp participation in January hit an all time record 44,187,831 according to the USDA. But fear not, here’s the bullish spin… sorry, there is no way to spin this.

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