Who Is Stimulus Money Going To?

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There is a large amount of the stimulus targeted for low income families. Two things are there:

1. Since Construction workers in the past had a substantial percentage of illegal residents doing the building, how will the stimulus money assuredly end up in American’s pockets?

2. What about the low income housing itself. Will the homes and new schools be in areas with concentrated population of illegal residents?

It is known that at one time the eVerify clause was added that stated all businesses receiving stimulus money, and that they must use eVerify to attempt to hire legal immigrants and Americans, but, that it was stripped out of the package before presenting to congress. The word was that it was stripped out because eVerify could interfere with any type of Amnesty bill that the Democrats would favor.

How can a regular person like you and I get our “cut” of the economic stimulus pie?

The IRS website says this:

Q. What do I need to do to get an economic stimulus payment?

A. All you need to do is file a federal income tax return for 2007. Even if you are not otherwise required to file a tax return, you must file a 2007 return in order to receive a payment this year. Although some filers, such as high-income filers, will not qualify for a stimulus payment, most will.

In most cases, you will fill out your return, reporting all your income, deductions and credits as you normally would. But even if you are not required to file, you must file a 2007 return to get a stimulus payment this year. Low-income workers, Social Security beneficiaries, certain railroad retirees and those who receive certain benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs who normally don’t file may receive a stimulus payment if they do. The IRS will provide special filing instructions for those who do not otherwise have a filing requirement. The instructions will explain which lines on the tax return the filers need to complete.

Keep in mind that the government may withhold your payment if you owe them any back taxes or are on a payment plan with them, in which case instead of a check, you will receive a letter stating exactly how your stimulus payment was applied to the amount you owe.

Thousands Line Up For Stimulus Money
Stimulus Money Available For Low-Income, Homeless Detroit Residents

DETROIT – Thousands of people have lined up Tuesday for a chance at millions of stimulus dollars set aside to help Detroit’s homeless and low-income residents.

The money is available to help low-income residents from becoming homeless and homeless residents to find housing.

Some people in line falsely believed they were registering for $3,000 stimulus checks from the Obama Administration.

City officials told Local 4 that Detroit was granted $15 million to help residents pay bills and their rent or find temporary housing for the homeless.

The Detroit Planning and Development Department (PDD) is taking applications Tuesday and Wednesday for the Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program.

The applications deadline is Oct. 7. Applications can be picked up in advance Tuesday at neighborhood city halls.

Central District

Coleman A. Young Municipal Center

2 Woodward Avenue – Suite 106, 48226

(313) 224-2989

Northwest District

19180 Grand River, 48223

(313) 870-0649

Northeast District

2328 East 7 Mile, Suite #2, 48234

(313) 628-2160

West District

18100 Meyers, 48221

Office: (313) 628-2190

East District

7737 Kercheval, 48214

(313) 628-2170

Southwest District

7744 W. Vernor, 48209

(313) 628-2180

All locations will close Tuesday at 5 p.m.

Local 4 has learned that the city has run out of applications at several of the city hall locations.

The remaining 5,000 applications can be picked up Wednesday at the Cobo Hall in the Riverview Ballroom from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Already filled out applications can be submitted at the Cobo Hall from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. or sent in the mail to the Detroit Planning and Development Department at 65 Cadillac Square, Suite 1400, Detroit, MI., 48226.

Applications must be postmarked by Oct. 7.

Application Guidelines

To qualify, a person must have been a resident of Detroit for more than six months, must be homeless or facing eviction and must be able to maintain housing after receiving assistance.

Also, a resident must make 50 percent less than the median area income, which would be less than $24,850 for single Detroit residents and less than $35,500 for a family of four.

No mortgage assistance will be available through this program.

Once applications are reviewed, only applicants eligible for funding assistance will receive notification from a service provider.

For more information, visit


Original article appears on MSNBC

Where is most of the stimulus money going?

CFR Corporate Members Get Lion’s Share of Bailout Funds


Newspapers are fixated upon $160 million in bonuses given to American International Group (AIG) executives. And it’s nice to know where the millions are going (note: the bonuses could have been cancelled had the federal government let the company go bankrupt, as officials should have). But where are the trillions in TARP, TALC and Federal Reserve Bank bailout funds going?

The man in charge of administering the bailouts is Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, who served as a staff member of the New York City-based Council on Foreign Relations before being hired in 2003 to head the New York City branch of the Federal Reserve Bank (Fed). As the vice chairman of the Fed’s Open Market Committee, Geithner is probably a poor choice to get the nation out of it’s current economic mess. He served as Alan Greenspan’s number two man at the Fed, so Geithner is as responsible as anyone for facilitating the severity of the real estate and financial bubble and its subsequent collapse. After all, the Fed was the driving force behind the asset bubble, inflating the bubble larger and larger through artificially low interest rates and an inflationary easy-money policy.

You can read the entire article at New American

Recession taking toll on family business, including Gulf Coast eatery

Siblings Georgia, Jimmy and John Roussos have spent most of their lives working in the kitchen of the restaurant their father opened in 1954. The eatery managed to survive a hurricane and other setbacks, but it wasn’t until this August that the recession took its toll, forcing Roussos Restaurant in Daphne to permanently shut its doors, Dana Mattioli of the Wall Street Journal reports. The family continues its catering business.

Original full article From the Wall Street Journal

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