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Dr Warren of Power Latent In Man group explains how the Western world will see a drastic reduction in living standards. This was recorded May 09 2010 in Chicago, USA.

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His predictions are very dire and should be heeded extremely carefully as he recommends to purchase gold, silver, and other “useables” because the rich will be stepping on the little people to survive. He compares the crisis to the Titanic going under in the early 1900’s and how even the rich people were fighting among each other.

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  1. April 28, 2010 @ 10:03 pm

    The problem is simple……..too much debt.Over the last 20 years people from all walks of life have increased their standard of living by utilising debt instruments,such as credit cards,home equity loans etc.Credit is contracting at an alarming rate and everyone has to adjust to what i call a normal and sensible way of living.The quicker they do it the sooner we can escape this mess BUT governments worldwide are unfortunately trying to adopt a band -aid strategy with bailout packages.It does not work…………….we require true leadership and someone to stand up and shout “Stop kidding yourself the last 20 years have been artificial,just make sure you move forward with substance.”
    We need to re-educate consumers about delayed gratification and that you do not necessarily need to acquire “objects” to be happy…………we need to be productive,and the economic model that more consumption equals more economic growth is a “dead model”………….so i plead with all the leaders of this over-debted world to go back to the basics……..Harry Petros

    Posted by harry petros

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