Peter Schiff on Fed Chairman Bernanke & China

One thought on “Peter Schiff on Fed Chairman Bernanke & China”

  1. Perhaps Mr Schiff wouldn’t be so quick to demand higher consumption taxes as opposed to increasing income tax if he had any idea of what it’s like to have a very limited income which now accounts for a fair percentage of people who pay proportionately more just to survive.
    It would be nice to see people who demand higher cnsumption taxes to see how they would survive for a mere 3 months or even 1 for that matter, can’t see it happening can you ?
    There are a lot of people hurting out there through no fault of their own, then they hear people like Mr Schiff saying tax them more, if I were them I’d be totally piissed off, unless you want riots like everywhere else just keep pushing & I’m sure you’ll get it.
    Get real & think of everyone & not just yourself & your cronies.

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