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Peter Schiff on Fed Chairman Bernanke & China

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  1. GJS GJS February 12, 2011

    Perhaps Mr Schiff wouldn’t be so quick to demand higher consumption taxes as opposed to increasing income tax if he had any idea of what it’s like to have a very limited income which now accounts for a fair percentage of people who pay proportionately more just to survive.
    It would be nice to see people who demand higher cnsumption taxes to see how they would survive for a mere 3 months or even 1 for that matter, can’t see it happening can you ?
    There are a lot of people hurting out there through no fault of their own, then they hear people like Mr Schiff saying tax them more, if I were them I’d be totally piissed off, unless you want riots like everywhere else just keep pushing & I’m sure you’ll get it.
    Get real & think of everyone & not just yourself & your cronies.

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