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Sex industry indicator of worldwide depression

The United States Its a country known throughout the globe, in one sense, for its championing of family-values and conservative sensibilities. But the irony with the United States is its a country that may lead the world in what many consider a taboo industry: adult entertainment.

The epicenter of Americas taboo industry is a place sometimes jokingly referred as the Silicone Valley. That place would be the sleepy suburb of Los Angeles, California known as the San Fernando Valley. For years Silicone Valley was doing very well for itself despite being hush-hush.

But now, the industry once considered recession-proof is finding itself not so recession-proof. In Part 2 of this story, RTs Cedric Moon gives us a peek into the several factors that are forcing the established adult entertainment industry to face some real truths.

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  1. David Jeremiah David Jeremiah June 14, 2010

    Hello, I beg your pardon! USA is known world-wide for everything from Freedom to Despotism. From strong Family Values to Pornography. From Marketing to Pure Deception. From Builders to Destroyers. From Givers to Thieves. From the Most Hi-Tech to the Most Stupid. From the Most Courageous Heros to the Biggest Crooks, Liars and Thieves. Before praising America – Think Twice!

    America O America, if only you knew the Day of Your Visitation! America is Sin City – Modern Day , Sodom and Gomorrah. We Fly, we e.mail and we live-chat today. So what ? 65 years after World War II, 2 Billion are below the poverty line, 1 Billion don’t get enough food to eat; and every 6 secs 1 person is dying of starvation. What is the big idea of boosting about Science, Innovation, Family Values and space ships – When 1 Person is getting Fat at the expense of 10 others ??

    Get your equation right – America. You have set a global precedence for every sovereign nation to cheat its citizens of their livelihood. That is not only a sham but that is also a shame.

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