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The Fall of the American Worker

What we have witnessed is the fall of the American worker due to our failed trade agreements. The American manufacturing industry has been obliterated due to companies moving to foreign nations to take advantage of cheap labor. The textile industry is history; the electronic industry is history and many others are gone and are no longer being manufactured in our country but in foreign nations by foreign workers. These agreements/treaties sold us out. Just imagine the astronomical amount of tax revenue that has been lost along with our jobs! This plays a major role as to why our economy is failing and it will continue to fail. Every time they sign into another trade agreement/treaty more jobs are lost. How much more can we afford to loose? Why did they allow this to happen? They knew this would Transpire!

When you go to the store how many items do you see that are made in the USA?

How many do you see that are made in China! I rest my case!

Furthermore, we need to create jobs in this country by withdrawing from or revising the North American Free Trade Agreement and similar treaties. We need to rebuild some of the manufacturing industry in this country. We need to penalize companies that move their plants to foreign nations to manufacture goods and give companies tax breaks if they stay in the US or return to the US to manufacture Products. Giving tax breaks to companies so they can create jobs is one the biggest lies anyone could tell. Tax breaks create nothing but bigger bonuses for corporate America. You cant create job positions that DO NOT exist. The bridges between the rich, the middle class and poor are becoming larger than they have ever been in history. Soon there will be no middle class just the rich and the poor. We need to put an end to this madness before its too late. These treaties are destroying our economy and the economies of the countries involved in the treaties.


  1. Mark Mark May 7, 2010

    Good stuff.

  2. David Jeremiah David Jeremiah May 11, 2010

    It is just not the Fall of the American worker but the fall of the Greek, Spainish, Portugese, Italian, Irish, Japanese and many other European Workers too. Every year for the next 10 years we will see more fallen workers but the media will be displaying only the good news and lime light because there will be a billion immigrant workers to replace fallen workers at a lower price. In the facade of growth and progress more and more workers will fall until the super depression occurs in 2017. Then everything hidden will be openly displayed.

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