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US Fed Reserve Chairman is a liar: Peter Schiff

bernanke vampire

“Peter Schiff, radio host and expert economist, joins Judge Napolitano on Freedom Watch to discuss the lies and hypocrisy of Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke.”

On the national debt, Schiff believes the real danger is in raising the debt ceiling, not failing to raise it. He argues that Bernanke’s monetary policy is affecting other nations, as the dollar is the reserve currency.

“It’s going to be the savers and American retirees who are going to see their wealth wiped out because this mad man is printing money and encouraging Congress to keep on going into debt so he can do it.”

Ben should get a job at Walmart for a bit and get in touch with reality. The real, tangible jobs in north america have been gutted.The core industries of retail and manufacturing make up the entire economy and salaries in those industries are trending downward. The supporting industries of accounting, banking and legal services would not even exsist without those core industries.

All those failing companies should have failed! At least the future generation would have had a fresh start and plenty of opportunities to create better and more relevant businesses. The US ( and Canadian ) government have essentially said NO to innovation and progress. Instead we can look forward to many years, possible decades, of decline before we move up.

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  1. No Stocks 4me Cramer No Stocks 4me Cramer February 15, 2011

    Yeah, there’s a “disconnect”, the BLS will still say you don’t need a COLA cause they don’t count food in the core, only when oil goes back to 100 bucks a barrel, since that’s what they count, and that Bernakapart fool will keep the fed at the “extended” garbage and keep interest rates at idiot levels cause there’s NO INFLATION……. All to keep the market up.

    Now its all about “cut” those worthless old folks, except of course not the jackass yappin heads on CNBC, they’re drollin at that , while at the same time cryin about tax on their 7 figure a year incomes.

    There’s a “diconnect everywhere……….

    So why worry, be happy, smirks

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