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Analyst Predicts Gold Will hit $5000

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Several well respected analysts such as Peter Schiff and Goldcorp founder Rob McEwan recently told news outlets that gold would reach between $3000 to $5000 per ounce. Is this really that far off considering gold was about $250 9 years ago for the same physical amount? Not really, considering how much interest rates were lowered and how little people are trusting their money’s worth determined by governments around the world who devalue it with impunity.

Goldcorp Founder Forecasts Gold to Hit $5,000 by 2013

By: Mark_OByrne

Gold surged a further 3.3% yesterday to $942.45 (as did silver) as worries about the U.S. and global financial system and economy continue to grow and governments print money on an unprecedented scale to combat the economic crisis. Asian and European stock markets are again under pressure this morning.

The strong close above $930/oz yesterday should see us once again challenge the record highs of $1,003/oz seen last March (March 17th) when Bear Stearns collapsed.

We have since had a long period (nearly 12 months) of correction and consolidation and thus a solid foundation has been built from which the next leg of the bull market will likely be launched. Our forecast at the beginning of the year for gold to rise as high as $1,250/oz looks increasingly conservative.

Original article found at The Market Oracle

U.S. Stock Rally And Dollar Doomed, Gold Going To $5,000

By Peter Schiff

Unlike the “legitimate bull markets” of many foreign markets, Peter Schiff believes the U.S. is merely experiencing a “rally in a bear market,” and is lagging the rest of the world for a reason.

The worst is not over, according to Euro Pacific Capital’s Schiff, who predicts the Dow will fall another 90% from current levels when measured against gold.

A longtime dollar bear and gold bull, he foresees gold hitting $5000 per ounce “in the next couple of years,” and predicts the Dow and gold will trade on a one-to-one ratio vs. the current level of around 9.7-to-1.

Schiff believes gold is currently “climbing a wall of worry” but will eventually become as hot as tech stocks in 1999 and start moving up $100 per day.

Schiff’s forecast is based on his view the U.S. dollar is going to collapse under the weight of our massive deficit and reckless policies of the Obama administration, which he compares to the massive spending programs of the 1960s, which paved the way for gold’s ascent in the 1970s. “Obama is making the same mistakes as Bush, but he’s doing them on a grander scale,” says Schiff, who is running for U.S. Senate in Connecticut as a Republican.

In addition to gold, Schiff remains bullish on Asia, most notably China. His firm recently launched the Euro Pacific Halter China fund, and Schiff believes “there’s a lot of value” in China and thinks the renminbi could “double or triple” when it’s depegged from the dollar.

That will make Chinese assets more valuable when measured in dollars, he says.

Schiff presciently called the bursting of the debt bubble and subsequent rout in financial assets, and his current forecasts may very well come to fruition. But Schiff’s confidence that the rest of the world (notably Asia) will prosper as the dollar loses its reserve status and America’s economy collapses seems dubious, at best.

Original article found at MacroAxis Blog

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  1. Markangelo Markangelo July 11, 2010

    Aren’t these guys extremely bias since they have such a long position in commodities ?

    Duh, why wouldn’t they be promoting gold to the upside !!

    Why does everyone in amerika only listen to one side of a position.

    It’s like my realestate broker 2 years ago.

    Shouldn’t I be running from the herd mentality of current gold bugs.

    I bought gold at $ 300.oo something & I ain’t looking to buy more.
    I can see a mountaintop.

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