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E-cigarettes save lives, money

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“We know that cigarettes have thousands of chemicals in them and we know that they are killing us. They have been for over a hundred years. So now, the e-cig industry comes along with only one or two chemicals in their mixture and people are freaking out over these as well. Where does this stop? Look at all the chemicals that we are NOT inhaling.”

A relentless stream of data (1) from around the world is showing that e-cigarettes are robbing tobacco companies of today’s customers — and cancer wards of their future patients. In Britain alone two million now use these devices regularly. In study after study, scientists are finding e-cigarettes to be effective at helping people quit, to show no signs of luring non-smokers into tobacco use and to be much safer than their noxious competitors.

So what in heaven’s name explains the fact that Dame Sally Davies, the government’s chief medical officer, when asked by the New Scientist in March what was the biggest health challenge we face in Britain, named three things, one of which was the electronic cigarette? That’s like criticising contraception because you prefer abstinence.

The NHS is confident that these devices are about 1,000 times less harmful than cigarettes. The government confirmed this figure in a parliamentary answer to me. It’s the tar in smoke that kills, not the nicotine — a substance that is about as harmful as caffeine.

The real story on e-cigarettes

Smoking bans and anti-tobacco campaigns that have become outrageous (third hand smoke, outdoor smoking being hazardous, no safe level, etc…) were fueled with millions of pharmaceutical money in a brilliant plan to market virtually useless nicotine products in the form of gum, patches, inhalers, lozenges. Of course the holier than thou pharmaceutical industry will tell you that they are conceived to help you quit smoking, but don’t let them fool you, their true motive is to win the corporate war over nicotine, an all time popular substance with many benefits.

The advent of e-cigarettes has unexpectedly and seriously upset Big Pharma’s billion dollar global marketing plan with NRT sales falling proportionately to e-cigarette sales rising. It is mostly Big Pharma that funds junk science and subsidizes public health advocates to spread unfounded fears about e-cigarettes. There were many studies done on e-cigarettes and a lot is known about how totally harmless they are to bystanders and if not 100% harmless, at least much less harmful than commercially manufactured tobacco cigarettes for the users themselves. If the FDA and Health Canada are consistently ignoring study after study, one is given no choice but to conclude that they are deliberately protecting Big Pharma profits as long as they can. The pressure must be put on them to let consumers make their own decisions as to what they consider best for themselves.

Governments don’t want everyone to stop smoking. Why? tax revenue and revenue from those employed in the industry. E cigs are a threat to those people that don’t want anything in our mouth. The real die hard anti smoking crowd which is small in numbers start putting the pressure on elected politicians to do something. They rally around the flag pole suggesting this will only promote more real smoking think of the kids. To follow this wild logic we should be banning everything in a bottle as it would also lead to more drinkers. Government I think has already jumped the shark on smoking and I think they would be wise to leave the E cigs crowd alone.

ecig benefits

There is some concern that one of the primary ingredients, propylene glycol is a cancer causing agent, but it has been used for decades in food industries as a food additive. It is also recognized as generally safe by the FDA. A common knock against e-cigarettes is that we don’t know the long-term health effects of consuming nicotine vapor. The fact is that while it’s impossible to have complete knowledge about a novel form of tobacco use, scientists already know a great deal about propylene glycol (PG), a key ingredient of the vapor in e-cigarettes.

Hopefully we’ll resist the calls for further growing our nanny state and respect the wishes and freedom of adults choosing to buy and use this product. Don’t allow it to be sold to minors just like we don’t allow them to buy cigarettes. End of story. As for flavours appealing to kids, do we ban Vodka because it has variations like vanilla or marshmallow? No we don’t, and neither should we ban this innovative product simply because it provides a range of options to the user.

The public should be educated about these; of course it’s not Vitamins in there and non-smokers shouldn’t start, but compared to taking in all the chemicals in a regular cigarette this is a much better option. With these you don’t smell bad and within a few weeks after not smoking tobacco, you feel much better. That healthier feeling could lead to someone quitting nicotine completely and at least in the meantime, they won’t damage themselves as much or bother non-smokers. Puritans, and nanny staters, please back off.

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(1) E-cigarettes are making tobacco obsolete. So why ban them?

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