Everything made in China: the banker's dream

freedom made in china

“Sell the capitalists enough rope and they will hang themselves!” — Lenin

The game is and has always been a craft to make money changers richest and everyone else poorer. Banks are not “lenders”. They claim to give you something and then hold you hostage in any way they can to help you pay it “back”.

Economic historian Niall Ferguson warns that China’s love affair with the dollar is fading faster than anyone realizes.

TechTicker: “The idea they don’t have anywhere else to go or would shoot themselves in the foot if there were a steep decline in the dollar or appreciation of their currency reassures many people in Washington ‘we can relax’,” he says. “An appreciation of the renminbi may reduce value of their international reserves but increases the value of every other asset the Chinese own,” most notably the commodity assets they have been buying all over the world.

China’s “current strategy is to diversify out of dollars and into commodities,” Ferguson says. Furthermore, China’s recent pact with Brazil to conduct trade in their local currencies is a “sign of the times.” (Joe Weisenthal, Business Insider, 2009).

Does anyone wonder when it was that the U.S. dollar was disconnected from the gold standard? Anyonewonder when this “credit” was massively expanded?

We should ask when will people start to get punished for not using credit. In other words, if they have actually been financially responsible, did not spend what they had in real savings, they found themselves unable to function fully in society without credit.

Ever tried to rent a car without a credit card? This might seem inconceivable, but maybe if you secure the car by paying its full cash value at the time of signing the rental contract, they will rent the car to you and then accept the amount owed from your secured loan at the time of payment, thus remitting the remainder back to you. Even if anyone could afford to do that, it would not be allowed because credit has seeped into our collective monetary ethic.

Ever tried to get a hotel reservation without a credit card? Good luck! One could go on and on and on and on here with countless examples of how those who have credit (good or bad) are punished in this society. It is obvious that this was the purpose and intent and is what is spurring the Americans and others in countless countries living on credit to do.

Once you were trapped, they zap you with interest rates higher and higher and you have paid. After all, you do not want to damage the credit rating precious, right?

It all started when the U.S. dollar became worthless. That’s when it became possible to print money without end; “lend” to infinity, and to be paid back eventually, in tangible assets (bankruptcy, attachment, seizure of ‘assets, and so on).

That’s all. That was the plan. And nobody noticed that too many people started penniless. Nobody noticed that too many people could not get a second job just to try to follow all these payments. Nobody noticed that actual, real people (millions) began to lose their homes.

Nobody noticed that jobs have been lost and jobs became scarce. Nobody noticed until banks began to violate those same customers that they were extorted to accept credit lines wide – years earlier.

Now, banks extorted money – again – considering the whole country through the federal government and now hold the entire nation hostage. They got their loot and they will repay you by closing your lines of credit. So now you can not even use the card to buy food for more this week, hoping that you can find a way to pay those bills – the next month. Now, you will not be able to eat well – this week. The spin cycle of robbery continues ad nauseam.

There is a way out of this. If everyone stopped playing this game, then this would be over in a flash. The bankers are already Filthy Rich so that they could buy and sell each and every one of us, literally, 100 million times more. But neither greed nor lust for power knows any bounds. So, they continue to punish you and make you feel like a deadbeat all that was their intention from the beginning, because everything right to get exactly where he is.

As long as people continue to willingly play this game, the lords of finance may will make everyone desperately poor and broke and then suddenly appear and collect all the valuables to themselves: houses land, cars , jewelry, furniture, gold, silver — even food. You name it, they will make it his own and be their slaves.

Or we could all just say enough and stop playing the game. All at once. All united. All in unison. The powerful few are powerless only when they likely to realize their own power. But it is always the point, keep many in the dark and feed them bullshit (credit).

Made In China – Importing America To Its Own Death

By Frosty Wooldridge 10-19-9

During the Bolshevik Revolution that led to communist Russia, Comrade Vladimir Lenin said, “Sell the capitalists enough rope and they will hang themselves!”

Nearly 100 years later, Lenin’s predictions reveal his veracity with chilling fruition. The United States bleeds $11 trillion in debt. It suffers a $700 billion annual trade deficit, mostly with China, which by the way thrives as a communist nation selling us lots of ‘rope’, i.e., consumer goods. We import another $700 billion in oil annually from other countries. We borrow $2 billion daily to float our sinking economy. The average American’s credit card debt equals $9,425.00 according to NBC’s Brian Williams. We suffer 15 million unemployed American workers and 35 million subsisting on food stamps.

How did Lenin’s foreshadowing come to pass? How could he know that we would bring our downfall upon ourselves?

First of all, every empire in history fell to its own manifest destiny (ego), avarice and greed. Today, the U.S. empire features 572,000 military personnel on 700 bases in 120 countries around the world. Their purpose? Few Americans could tell you! The costs accelerate to unimaginable levels.

Secondly, major capitalists, the ‘gatekeepers’ or money changers, however you want to call them, ‘own’ the power to make their choices realized. Some call them the Rothchilds, Bilderbergers, etc. The fact remains, they pull all the money strings. We remain their puppets.

For instance, in the past 15 years, the second richest man in the world, Bill Gates, ‘persuaded’ our U.S. Congress to implement H-1B, H-2B and L-1 visas that brought foreign workers into this country to displace 1.0 million U.S. IT workers. How? Those visa beneficiaries arrived from third world countries and worked at a third the wage. Additionally, big manufacturing firms insourced jobs, outsourced jobs and offshored jobs. Maytag moved to Mexico. Levi Straus moved to India. Schwinn bikes moved to Taiwan, etc.

You can view Frosty’s full article here.

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