Hit the Banksters in the pocketbook – Move Your Money

bank failure

bank failure

There is a campaign of sorts making the rounds online Move Your Money.  The idea is we all pull our money out of the bailed-out banks and put it in local banks that lend to locals. The TBTF (Too Big To Fail) banksters are globalists who have no loyalty to Americans and a little reported fact is that we the citizens of America were forced to bail out their counter parties in other countries they have a global stranglehold.

Interesting to note Obama said his biggest accomplishment is bailing out the banks if you click on the links in this story you will no doubt understand why (hint they paid him off starting as a junior senator and how ironic is it that he picked the very thing none of the conservative constituents liked and the liberals are now complaining about as well.

If you want the donations being made in your name to the TBTF banksters to stop this is a good first step in making that happen. One last excellent reason to move your money if you have a money market account watch out your money would be safer in your mattress or a small local bank when THIS HAPPENS!


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